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2014-11-08, 2000pts, Allied Space Wolves & Imperial Guard vs Chaos Space Marines - Re: Revenge of Chaos...

cook, 11/13/14 08:40
2014-11-08, 2000pts, Allied Space Wolves & Imperial Guard vs Chaos Space Marines

This was a 7th edition battle between Chaos Space Marines and the allied forces of the Imperium.
The Imperial forces included: a Space Wolves CAD (me -- Rune priest with a psychic hood, Grey Hunters with meltas in a rhino, Grey Hunters with flamers in a rhino, Long Fangs with flakk missiles and a TDA/SS pack leader, ranged TDA wolf guard with an assault cannon and some storm shields, and a lone wolf (TDA and wolf claws)), and an Imperial Guard CAD: (Ed -- 2 Basilisks, 2 Leman Russ (one of which was the warmaster), 1 Hydra, 2 heavy weapons squads, 4 squads of infantry, a command squad).
The Chaos forces (Mark) included: a squad of CSMs in a rhino, a group of khornate berserkers, 10 warp talons, a flying daemon prince, a squad of terminators, a chaos lord (warlord) in TDA with lightning claws, a Defiler, and a Helldrake.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2329-21-49-deployment.jpgWe randomly determined the mission and got: Maelstrom of War - Cleanse and Control, with Hammer and Anvil deployment (deploy to short board edges). Chaos deployed first, holding the terminators and the helldrake in reserve. Due to his Warlord Trait, he also managed to Infiltrate the warp talons. Imperial forces failed to steal the initiative, and chaos went first.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2392-21-49-long-fang-deployment.jpgObserve how I cleverly placed my Long Fangs into a convenient doom-bolt-shaped-line in the portion of the ruins that extended into my deployment zone, in order to get them into high ground so they could have somewhat better line of sight. This turned out not to be such a great idea.

Chaos turn 1 (11/8 22:00)
The Daemon Prince started in "Swooping mode" and moved to capture a tactical objective on the hill, giving Chaos a victory point. The Warp Talons moved up next to the ruins that the Long Fangs were in, close to contesting the tactical objective in that building, and then failed a charge against the TDA wolf guard squad. The bikes advanced (with turbo-boost) to support the warp talons. The Berserkers on the other side of the board advanced (at a run) toward the armour, but the Chaos Lord (the vile Parricidius!) who was with them decided to move out of sight of the tanks behind the ruins instead of advancing.

In the psychic phase, the Daemon Prince killed 5 of my 6 Long Fangs and their storm-shield-toting pack leader with a single doom bolt (I failed every save!). This was inside the aegis of my rune priest's psychic hood, but I failed to deny it (I should have just used all the dice -- I used N-2 and then used the 2 to fail another deny attempt). The Daemon also sent a firestorm at the TDAWGs, but the attack failed to penetrate their armor.

The Defiler shot its battle cannon at the guard artillery, but missed. The Chaos Rhino advanced and fired a havoc missile into a squad of guardsman, killing two and igniting them with a soul blaze which later killed another two. The Guard commanded was heard on the vox congratulating his men on sustaining "a surprisingly low number of casualties" in this opening salvo.

Imperium turn 1 (22:45)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2394-22-55-imperium-2.jpgOur forces advanced a bit. Being terrified of the warp talons, I moved my TDAWGs and deployed the squad of grey hunters out of the rhino, aiming to catch the abominations in a crossfire. (I sort of forgot that the Helldrake was going to come in soon, and that was why I had them in the rhino.) Byrnjolf (the lone wolf) advanced, hoping to intercept the warp talons.

The rune priest granted prescience to the terminators, which also accomplished a lame tactical objective and granted us a point. The terminators and the grey hunters fired on the warp talons, taking out 3 and reducing the squad leader to one wound (he had started with 2 on account of a mutation). The tanks shot at the chaos rhino, but missed. The basilisks shot at the advancing berserkers, killing 4. The hydra fired at the daemon prince, but failed to penetrate his armor. The one remaining Long Fang, having passed his morale test, managed to take a wound off of the daemon with a flakk missile, but he remained airborne. Some guardsmen fired snap shots at the swooping daemon prince, but to no effect. The rhino over on the armour side of the board somehow managed to kill a berserker with its storm bolter (I think that's a first!).

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/mvp-lascannon-guy-01-47.jpgThe single guardsman toting around the lascannon, who was later proven to be the uncontested MVP of the game, fired and took out a Berserker on the other side of the board.

Chaos turn 2 (23:20)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2397-23-30-helldrake-chaos-2.jpgBoth the Helldrake and the Chaos Terminators arrived from reserve. The Helldrake zoomed in over my grey hunters who were out of their rhino, taking one out in a vector strike. It then spewed baleflame on the rest of the squad, killing all but three, who were killed later this same turn by shooting and assault from the bike squad (giving first blood to Chaos).

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2399-23-44-csms-daemon-chaos-2.jpgThe terminators managed to deep strike spot on with no scatter, over near the chaos rhino and the berserkers, and then fired on the guardsmen, but only killed two on account of their cover in the ruins. The Chaos Space Marines deployed out of their rhino and fired at the imperial rhino, removing a hull point with a krak grenade. The daemon prince swooped up to the roof of one of the ruins and fired a doom bolt at the two Russ tanks, removing a hull point from the warlord's tank (maybe we should have put them in the other order). The Daemon then sent a firestorm into the middle of one of the guard squads, killing the sergeant and the vox man, whose explosion in turn killed two more. The Chaos rhino hit a squad of guardsmen with a havoc missile, killing 3.

The warp talons leapt over the ruins and assaulted my rune priest, taking him out.

Imperium turn 2 (11/9 00:15)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2402-00-22-imperial-2.jpgTwo grey hunters from the grey rhino fired their flamers out the hatch, killing four chaos marines. (I probably should have deployed them to protect the tanks, I was just experiencing a renewed terror of the Helldrake).

The other rhino (with no more passengers) moved flat-out to take a tactical objective, scoring a point. A squad of guardsmen took out one of the warp talons in a hail of lasfire, and the TDA wolf guard took out two more with storm bolter and assault cannon fire. The hydra and long fang fired at the daemon prince, but missed. The tanks failed to penetrate the chaos terminators armor, but scored a solid hit on the chaos rhino, immobilizing it.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2401-00-22-byrnjolf-avenges.jpgByrnjolf the lone wolf charged the warp talons through difficult terrain, weathered their attacks, and then slew one.

The MVP lascannon guardsman guy vaporized one of the chaos terminators.

Chaos turn 3 (00:55)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2406-00-57-helldrake-chaos-3.jpgThe helldrake flew toward the tanks, vector striking a wolf guard but failing to harm him through his tactical dreadnought armor, and then spewed flame at a squad of guardsman, killing 7.
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2407-01-24-chaos-3.jpgThe daemon prince switched into gliding mode, glanced the warlord's tank again with another doom bolt, vaporized Platoon A's command squad with a firestorm, and then landed amidst the armour. The Chaos marines charged the warlord's tank and finished it off, scoring several victory points.

On the other side of the board, the bikes destroyed the empty rhino with their meltas, scoring a tactical objective for chaos. The Defiler fired on the wolf guard terminators, killing two.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2405-00-54-chaos-3-byrnjolf.jpgByrnjolf continued to slay warp talons.

Imperium turn 3 (01:30)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2409-01-41-imperium-3.jpgThe remaining imperial rhino disgorged its marines to protect the remaining tank and slay 5 chaos marines with bolter and flamer fire. The wolf guard terminators moved toward the Daemon lord in an attempt to distract him from the armored column, but failed to harm him with weapons fire and then also fail a charge against him.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2410-01-47-spider.jpgAround this time, a spider descnded from the ceiling, into the heart of the armoured column. Several guardsmen took this to be a bad open.
The remaining tank killed one chaos marine. Fire from the basilisks killed 2 of the chaos bikes. The hydra fired at the helldrake, but failed to harm it as it jinked. The long fang fired at the daemon prince, but missed.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2415-01-47-headshot.jpgThe lascannon guy found that he had a shot on the enemy warlord, and vaporized him in a single shot!

The lone wolf finished off the warp talons, and turned around to find Parricidius, only to be shocked by the actions of the divinely-inspired Guardsman.

Chaos turn 4 (02:02)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2427-02-36-chaos-4.jpgThe Helldrake pivoted and then flew off the board, vector striking a grey hunter on the way out. The CSMs backed off a bit, and the chaos terminators advanced in their place. The Daemon Prince hit the wolf guard terminators with a doom bolt, slaying two. The remaining guy failed his morale test and fled into a squad of guardsmen, who later embarassed him into rejoining the fight. The defiler fired at the Basilisks, and managed to destroy one of the earthshaker cannons.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2421-02-35-daemon-lone-wolf.jpgThe Chaos terminators assault the grey hunters who were trying to protect the tank, slaying 5 with their chainfists, but losing one of their own to the counterattack of their outmatched foe. The Chaos Marines assault the rhino, but fail to harm it. The Daemon prince, possibly in a fit of rage over the warp talons leapt over the battlefield to assault Byrnjolf. Each combatant suffered a wound but the fight continued.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2418-02-30-that-lascannon-guy-is-the-shit.jpgThe remaining Chaos bike marine assaulted the Guard lascannon squad, only to be beaten to a pulp with the butt of the fellow's lascannon. Though, it didn't shoot quite straight for the rest of the game, after being used in this unconventional fashion.

Imperium turn 4 (02:37)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2428-02-59-byrnjolf.jpgThe remaining Imperial rhino moved toward a tactical objective, but it was contested by the immobile Chaos Rhino. The guard armour fired on the rhino, but was not able to destroy it.
The Chaos terminators slew more of the grey hunters in their assault, and the hunters broke off, fleeing out of position to guard the tank.

Byrnjolf sent the Daemon back to the warp.

Chaos turn 5 (02:57)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2430-03-00-chaos-5.jpgThe Helldrake returned, swooping in to spray the remaining Long Fang and the lascannon guy with baleflame. The long fang bit it, but the amazing lascannon guy managed to make his cover save from the ruins.
The defiler advanced, unloading a barrage of fire on the Lone Wolf, but failing to wound him.
The Chaos marines glanced my rhino down to one hull point. The chaos terminators assaulted the remaining Russ tank, bringing it down to a single hull point.

Imperium turn 5 (03:08)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2431-03-14-imperium-6.jpgThe imperial rhino moved closer to the contested objective. The remaining wolf guard terminator and the lone wolf ran towards the chaos terminators. The remaining Grey Hunters took a chaos marine out with bolter fire. Guardesmen shot at the chaos terminators, but couldn't wound them. The lascannon guy took a shot at the Chaos rhino, but missed. The basilisk shot at the rhino, but it scattered.

We rolled for the end of the game, but it continued into turn 6.

Chaos turn 6 (03:20)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2433-03-22-chaos-6.jpgThe Helldrake made a vector strike at Byrnjolf, but failed to bring him down. The defiler had by this point finally made it "down main street" into the fray, and unloaded on the lone wolf as well, but again failed to bring him down. It then charged him and smashed him into a pulp with its flail, bringing his saga to a close. The remaining chaos terminator assaulted the remaining tank, destroying it. The remaining Chaos Marines assaulted my rhino, but failed to damage it. The defiler had taken a wound from the lone wolf, but it healed due to IWND at the end of the turn.

Imperium turn 6 (03:36)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2434-03-45-pesky-rhino.jpgThe guardsmen shoot at the chaos terminator, but can't bring it down. The hydra fires on the helldrake, scoring one hit. The basilisk destroyed the Chaos rhino, and the imperial rhino managed to kill the remaining chaos marine with his storm bolter, allowing us to claim the tactical objective.
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141108-SW-IG-vs-CSM/2437-03-54-imperial-6.jpgLascannon guy fires on the defiler, stunning the crew. The remaining space wolves (1 terminator and 2 hunters) charge the chaos terminator (with the intent of keeping it away from the basilisk for another turn), but everybody misses.

We rolled for the game to end, and it did end. Chaos scored linebreaker.

The final score was 8-5 Chaos.

This was the detailed breakdown:

Chaos Tactical Objectives:
- Act: 32: secure objective 2 (drawn turn C1)
- Cmp: 31: secure objective 1 (drawn C1, completed C2)
- Cmp: 33: secure objective 3 (drawn C1, completed C1)
- Cmp: 61: kingslayer (drawn C2, completed C3)
- Cmp: 66: big game hunter (drawn C3, completed C3)
- slay the warlord
- first blood
- Cmp: 13: secure objective 3 (drawn C4, completed C4)
- Act: 14: secure objective 4 (drawn C4)
- Act: 36: secure objectiev 6 (drawn C5)
- linebreaker

Imperial Tactical Objectives:
- Act: 26: take and hold obejctive 6 (drawn I1)
- Cmp: 11: secure objective 1 (drawn I1, completed I6)
- Cmp: 56: harness the warp (drawn I1, completed I1)
- Cmp: 33: take objective 3 (drawn I2, completed I2)
- Cmp: 25: take and hold objective 5 (drawm I3, completed I3)
- Act: 23: take objective 3 (drawn I4)
- slay the warlord

Spiegel, 11/14/14 06:55
Re: Revenge of Chaos...

In reviewing the extensive Inquistion data archives, it would appear the Space Wolves' records of this battle are incorrect in regards to the Astra Militarum troop disposition; hardly surprising given their traditions of oral history and focus on "truth" vs. fact.

The Right Hand of the Emperor (and, indeed, the Space Wolves themselves) deployed under the orders of a Tank Commander, with two platoons of Guardsmen and their platoon commanders. It was these two platoon command squads that were bolstered by the inclusion of a single heavy weapons team each, rather than any squads composed entirely of heavy weapons specialists. The rest of the heavy support details, i.e. Basilisks and Hydra, are correct.

One can only speculate on how differently this battle may have played out had any such heavy weapons squads been deployed, especially given what we know of the performance and future career of the lowly lascannon gunner mentioned, who would go on to become none other than Commander [REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE HOLY INQUISITION].

Edited by: Spiegel on 11/14/14

2014-11-08, 2000pts, Allied Space Wolves & Imperial Guard vs Chaos Space Marines - Re: Revenge of Chaos...