40k Battles -- 2014-10-04, 550pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (second front) (1 posts)

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2014-10-04, 550pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (second front)

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2014-10-04, 550pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (second front)

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/01-start.jpgThis was an approximately 550 point 7th edition battle on 2014-10-04, between Space Wolves (me) and Chaos Marines (Dave). I think this might have been Dave's first game in 20 years or something like that.

The space wolves army was made up of:
- HQ: Rune priest (Olaf Wyrdsyne); psychic hood; divination: prescience, perfect timing; dust of a thousand worlds
- Troop 1: Grey hunters x10; CCW x9, melta x2, pack leader with combi-melta
- Troop 2: Grey hunters x7; CCW x6, flamer, pack leader with combi-flamer
- Heavy Support: Long fangs x5; missile launcher x2, lascannon x2

The Chaos army was (a very nicely painted version of) the force from Dark Vengeance:
- HQ: Chaos lord w/ power sword, plasma pistol, 5+ invuln save
- Troop 1: Chaos space marines x6 (couple assorted power weapons)
- Troop 2: Rifle cultists x10 (one heavy stubber)
- Troop 3: Assault cultists x10
- Elites: Hellbrute w/ multi-melta and power fist.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/01a-start.jpgWe rolled for the mission and came up with "Eternal War - the Scouring" (though nobody had any fast attack units), night fighting in effect on turn 1, dawn of war deployment. I won the roll and made him deploy first. He sort of spread his guys out along his side of the board to control the objectives, and I put my long fangs up into a tower and grouped the rest of my guys up on that side to support them.

The distribution of the objective markers was like: the 4 was in his ruins (near his assault cultists); there was a 3 on his side of the board in the middle, near his marines; there was a 3 in my ruins (where i had neglected to put any troops); a 2 on the hill in the center; a 1 by my long fangs and a 1 by the fountain.
I had deployed thinking more about staying away from the Hellbrute and putting my units close enough to support one another, than about taking territory, which was perhaps a bad idea. I decided that I would play aggressively, sweeping all of my guys in through his ruins and his CSMs, to claim the 4 and the 3.

He took the first turn and I failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1 (14:07)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/02-after-chaos-turn1.jpgChaos moved up into cover.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/03-after-wolves-turn1.jpgOlaf granted perfect timing to the long fangs (negating the darkness and its cover from the mysterious fountain), who attempted to take out the Hellbrute. However, their shots were ineffective. One long fang who couldn't get a shot on the hellbrute split fire and killed a Traitor Marine with a krak missile.

The sickly sun rose over the strange planet, ending the night fighting.

Turn 2 (14:39)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/05-wolves-turn2-rapidfire.jpgThe autogun squad of chaos cultists took the "hill" (some kind of bunker left behind by fleeing Eldar Harlequins, who had painted it in their absurd fashion for their inscrutable alien reasons) and fired accross the gap at the Long Fangs in their tower, but their paltry weapons were ineffective against power armor. The hellbrute advanced, but failed to make a charge (leaving the Fangs with a clear shot on it).

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/06-wolves-turn2-charge-rifle-cultists.jpgThe Grey Hunters squad with flamers advanced on the ruins where the CCW squad of Chaos cultists were hiding, but were out of effective fire range. The GHs in the center of the board spread out to get visibility to the top of the strange bunker, and delivered withering bolter fire into the chaos scum, then charged and finished them off. They lost one of their number to a lucky snap shot from the heavy stubber.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/04-after-wolves-turn2.jpgOlaf once again granted prescience to the Long Fangs, who fired on the Hellbrute. A penetrating lascannon shot hit the creature's power source and exploded it. The missile launcher guy who couldn't get a shot on the dreadnought split-fire and picked off another traitor marine.

Turn 3 (15:34)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/09a-csm-charge.jpgThe Chaos Marines came out of cover to move to support the traitors at the hill. The squad of cultists in the ruins advanced and fired at the approaching grey hunters, but the Emporer Protects and they were unharmed. The cultists then failed their charge.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/08-chaos-turn3-lord-charge.jpgThe Chaos Lord moved out of cover and fired his plasma pistol, killing a Grey Hunter. He then charged the Hunters on the hill. A lucky snap shot from a melta wounded him, but the beast kept coming, and slew several hunters with his unholy power sword. One of the hunters got another wound in with his chainsword during their counter-assault.

Olaf was distracted by the plight of his Hunters, and failed to grant prescience to the Fangs, but relying on their unaugmented skill they were able to shoot up the Chaos Marines pretty well.

http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/09b-wolves-flamer-ruins.jpgThe squad of "awesome grey camoflauge" Hunters with flamers advanced on the cultists near the ruins, purging most of them with their holy flamers before charging in to finish them off.

The melee on the hill continued, resulting in more fallen Hunters.

Turn 4 (16:06)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20141004-SW-vs-CSM/09-chaos-turn3-pile-in.jpgThe remaining Chaos marines advanced to support their lord, but failed their charge. The lord kills another hunter in combat, but there are a couple left in combat and the Fangs don't want to risk a shot at him. Instead, they shoot up the CSMs with lascannons and krak missiles.

The Hunters with the flamers occupy the ruins and finish off the traitor marines with bolter fire.

Turn 5
The Chaos Lord finishes off the melta Hunters on the hill and consolidates into cover (out of sight of the Long Fangs), but the Hunters in the ruins have a shot and manage to take off his final wound with bolter fire, bringing him down.

2014-10-04, 550pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (second front)