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2014-09-13, 1250pvs, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (game 1) - 2014-09-13, 1250pvs, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (game 2) - Comentary

cook, 9/15/14 21:09
2014-09-13, 1250pvs, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (game 1)

Wolves: 2 rune priests, 2 full squads of grey hunters (one meltas, one flamers+banner) in rhinos, one half-squad of GHs in a TLPC razorback, 2 squads of long fangs (one missiles, one lascannons, each had a heavy bolter), sniper scouts
Chaos: TDA chaos lord with lightning claws (Lord Parricidius), sorcerer, marines, khornate berzerkers ("The Kinslayers"), terminators with chain fists, posessed (lead by champion Jovis).

The game was "Eternal war: Crusade", with Dawn of War deployment.
Chaos won the roll, wolves deployed first. One rune priest with each LF squad. Lascannon long fangs took up a good position in the ruins, the rest have partial cover in some rocks. Chaos deployed partially behind the ruin on his side. Lord Parricidius deployed with the Kinslayers, and the sorcerer with the marines.
Nobody statred in reserve.

turn 1 (13:07)
http://www.aurumvorax.com/files/batreps/20140913-SW-vs-CSM-1/13-31-chaos-1.jpgChaos seized the initiative. The chaos hordes advance accross the field. Olaf Wyrdsine's psychic hood protects the lascannon LFs from a firestorm. The terminators fire on the ML LFs and take out the Ancient. The CSMs fire on the lascannon guys but do not kill anyone.

The rhinos and the transports advance and disgorge the grey hunters. The rune priests grant the long fangs prescience. The lascannon LFs shoot at the CSMs, killing a few marines but most of the fire is aimed at the Sorcerer and fails to penetrate the his wards. Snipers take out two Posessed. the Melta squad of GHs fires on the terminators and takes out 3. The flamer GH squad shoots flamers and rapid fire bolters at the berserkers, killing two. Razorback fails to wound the Posessed. ML Long fangs split fire and kill one posessed and 3 berserkers. Chaos passes all leadership tests.

turn 2 (14:06)
Chaos advances accross the field. A Doom Bolt from the sorcerer kills a lascannon long fang, then the Firestorm is again denied by Wyrdsine. The CSMs kill another lascannon guy with bolter fire. The berserkers kill the two flamethrower marines with their pistols as they advance. Terminators shoot at the GHs but the rounds glance off their power armor. The posessed attempt to charge the flamer squad, but are repelled. The berserkers also fail to make the charge. The terminators charge grey hunters, who defeat them before they get to their initiative.

The grey hunters advance. Olaf attempts to hit the CSMs with living lightning, but the sorcerer denies him. The lascannon LFs all fail to wound the sorcerer. The snipers pick off a Posessed. ML LFs finish off the last posessed and kill 2 berserkers. The GHs finish off the berserkers with pistol fire, leaving just the lord. The GHs make the questionable decision of charging Parricidius; the squad with the banner fails its charge and is left behind, but the melta squad is engaged. The Chaos Lord attacks on a higher initiative and kills 4 marines. The remaining GHs inflict a few wounds but none of them penetrate the terminator armor.

turn 3 (14:48)
CSMs and sorcerer advance toward the lascannon LFs. Olaf again protects them from the firestorm, and he fails to cast the doom bolt. Their bolter fire fails to kill anyone. Parricidius kills the pack leader in a challenge, then several other marines, gaining a foul chaos boon (shrouded). He's still in combat.

The unengaged GHs move back toward their rhino, trying to use the time being bought by their fellows to gain some distance from Parricidius. The small squad from the razorback advances to support the lascannon guys. The lascannon guys take a wound off the sorcerer. The ML LFs and snipers between them manage to kill one CSM.

turn 4 (15:06)

CSMs and sorcerer advance. Doom bolt and firestorm are both denied. the CSMs fire on the small squad of GHs and take one guy out with a plasma pistol. Parricidius kills more GHs but is still in combat.

The flamer squad embarks back into the rhino, which speeds over toward the sorcerer. The snipers pick off the sorcerer with precision shots, and a couple of other marines. [he should have got look-out-sir rolls here, sorry Mark]. The chaos lord finishes off the last GH.

turn 5 (15:24)
The remaining CSMs fall back to hold a nearby objective and take cover. The lord advances but is not close enough to anybody to charge.
The small GH squad and the razorback move to take the hill. Snipers and LFs pour fire onto the Lord but fail to do any damage.
we roll, the game continues...

turn 6 (15:38)
Parricidius moves onto an objective. fire support takes one wound off the lord. GHs deploy out of the rhino and attack the remaining CSMs, killing one. [I don't think my razorback is supposed to be able to climb hills like this.]

we roll, the game continues...

turn 7 (16:05)
Chaos lord charges the snipers, one manages to take a wound off of him with the butt of his sniper rifle, and then they are all slaughtered.
GHs from the rhino finish off the CSMs, but can't quite reach the objective.
End of the game.
Wolves hold 3 objectives. First blood. (Sure didn't manage to kill the warlord! Parricidius makes it off to slaughter space marines another day.)

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cook, 9/15/14 21:43
2014-09-13, 1250pvs, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (game 2)

Same armies, we had a little time so figured why not try out a couple of other things.
Randomized the board and the mission. It was "Contact Lost", but we sort of stopped paying attention after a few rounds and just tried to slaughter one another.
We placed terrain randomly (basically using scatter dice). This resulted in one side having a lot more cover than the other. I wound up rolling that side and deployed my LFs and snipers into the ruins.
The chaos lord and terminators are in reserve.
I won the roll and went first. He failed to seize.

turn 1
I rolled 3 objectives that I was already standing on, plus "assassinate".
My RP suffered perils while granting prescience to the LFs and took a wound. The other LF had all Tempestas (witchfire) powers this game, was out of range of anybody. Snipers and LFs took out a couple of posessed and one marine.

Chaos rolls a bunch of objectives on my side of the board, advances. I deny his firestorm. He casts doom bolt, taking a hull point off of a rhino, but suffers perils. A sniper is ironically taken out by a pistol shot from a berserker. the CSMs take out an Ancient and a lascannon guy.

turn 2
I roll another objective on my side, one on his side, and "take no prisoners". grey hunters disembark from their rhinos and move toward the sorcerer and berserkers. Fire from long fangs, snipers, and GHs takes out the posessed and a most of the berserkers.

Chaos terminators and the lord arrive out of the warp and shoot up the LFs pretty good. His witchfires are denied, but his sorcerer gets Iron Arm off. I think this is where we sort of forgot about objectives.

turn 3
The small squad leaves the razorback and takes cover in the manufactorum ruins. My rune priest attempts to witchfire the terminators, but is denied once and fails the other. Rapid fire bolters take out the last Berserkers, sniper fire and heavy weapons fire takes out a couple of terminators.

the lord detatches from the terminators and advances toward the GHs. The sorcerer detonates a rhino with doom bolt, killing a few GHs. The terminators advance , shoot a few LFs, and then manage an 11" charge into the LFs. The chaos lord charges into the GHs, taking a wound from overwatch. He kills many, but amazingly fails three armor saves in a row and is brought down.
[I think we forgot about his wound/hit rerolls, he might have taken out 1-2 extra guys and lived, which would have made that side of the board look very different. Sorry mark!]

turn 4
Fury of the Wolf Spirits from the rune priest takes out a terminator. The GHs charge the sorcerer, but fail to wound him (in 42 attacks!) due to his Iron Arm.

Firestorm hits the GHs and kills several in a chain reaction. Doom bolt misses. Our rune priests working in concert deny Iron Arm. The terminators charge the other squad of LFs and kill them too. The sorcerer is brought down by the GHs in the melee.

turn 5
GHs pick off a few of the remaining CSMs. The terminator kills the remaining LFs.
CSMs hit the razorback with grenades and plasma, and it explodes! The remaining terminator assaults my rune priest (my warlord!) and they are both killed simultaneously on I1.
And the game ended.

cook, 9/15/14 21:55

Psychic hood was definitely my MVP. I think I may take another one next time. The snipers did adequately, I think. I wasn't impressed with the heavy bolters. Maybe I just didn't have enough of them?
Chaos' invulnerable saves were very noticeable, but maybe also the extra cost reduced the number of guys he could field. I don't really get the possessed (but it could just be that i was afraid of them and hit them first).
I think that I had a more balanced force, whereas he was all footslogging assault. This worked out pretty well for me as I had a lot of long ranged guys. Though, the second game was pretty close -- it would have looked quite different if the chaos lord didn't roll three 1s in a row on his armor saves during the assault (or just if we had remembered the rerolls). The deep strike was effective, too -- that one unit slaughtered all of my heavy support, plus my warlord.
I really don't have as much assaulty goodness as I thought I had. Next time I should try to remember the "everybody get back in the rhino and drive away from that guy as fast as possible" technique.

2014-09-13, 1250pvs, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (game 1) - 2014-09-13, 1250pvs, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines (game 2) - Comentary