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cook, 8/24/14 23:05
2014-08-24, 500pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines

This was a 500 point 7th edition battle on 2014-08-24, between Space Wolves (me) and Chaos Marines (Mark).

The space wolf army was:
HQ - Rune priest (Olaf Wyrdsyne); psychic hood; divination: prescience, precognition; saga of the warrior born
Troop 1 - Grey hunters x10; CCW x9, melta x2, pack leader with combi-melta
Troop 2 - Grey hunters x5; CCW x4, pack leader
Heavy Support - Long fangs x5; missile launcher x3, lascannon

The chaos army was:
HQ - Sorcerer; doom bolt, breath of chaos, firestorm of tz.; trait made melee weapons inflict soul blaze
Troop 1 - 10 marines with a tzeench banner, a squad leader with a fist, which i think gave them soul blaze weapons, maybe some other stuff
Troop 2 - 6 marines, a squad leader with an axe, a rhino

For the game, we rolled and got: maelstrom of war, tactical escalation, vanguard strike, we rolled for which set of corners.

I won the roll-off and made him deploy first. His sorceror is with the squad of 10 marines, and the squad of 6 is in the rhino.

I deployed second. I deployed my big squad wit hthe meltas up front, to go after the rhino. I kept the small squad in the back, and I attached the rune priest to the long fangs. Mark gave me some old marines to use as a second squad, since i don't have many models.

Turn 1 (10:31)

I failed to seize the initiative and Chaos went first. He rolled for an objective and was ordered to secure objective #5, which was the one in my DZ right in front of the long fangs. He moved the rhino flat-out and deployed smoke. He moved the marine squad up a bit and shot his autocannon at my big squad of marines, hitting twice but failing to wound.

Wolves rolled for an objective and got orders to destroy a unit during the assult phase. I moved the big squad up toward where the rhino was headed, and tried to get into cover. My small squad went for cover in the ruins, but didn't run far enough so they were stuck out in the open.
Olaf granted the long fangs prescience. The long fangs split fire, with the lascannon penetrating the rhino for a crew shaken (was stunned, reduced by heavy armor) and killing one chaos marine from the big squad with a krak missile.

At the end of turn 1,
Wolves: 0 vp; objectives active: kill a unit in assault
Chaos: 0 vp; objectives active: secure marker in my DZ

Turn 2 (11:11)

Chaos rolled for an objective and was ordered to secure objective #6, which was right next to his big squad in his DZ. He moves his squad slightly and secured it, scoring a point. His autocannon guy moved, fired some snap shots but missed.
The rhino moved up the middle of the field toward my DZ objective. The sorcerer firestormed my big squad, but I was lucky on saves and he only killed one marine.

Wolves rolled for an objective, and was ordered to hold the line (end the turn with three of my units and none of his within 12" of my table edge). The long fangs happened to be in the right spot already, and I only had to move the marines a little to get them into position, so I did that and would score a point for it.
Olaf granted prescience to the long fangs again. I rolled a perils, but he shrugged it off with a leadership test. My big squad of marines with the 2 meltas and the combi-melta moved up to within 12" of the rhino and fired, but failed to damage it.
Then, the long fangs focused on the rhino and destroyed it with las and krak, but it did not explode. The chaos marines disembarked toward my objective marker.
I guess that I got first blood for the rhino.

At the end of turn 2,
Wolves: 2 vp; objectives active: kill a unit in assault
Chaos: 1 vp; objectives active: secure marker in my DZ

Turn 3 (11:49)

Chaos discarded the now-achieved objective in his DZ, and rolled up two more objectives. He received: supremacy (?) and superior firepower (destroy a unit during the shooting phase, i think). He moved his small squad (from the rhino) up to secure the objective marker, scoring a point. He moved his big squad up to attack my big squad.
His sorceror firestormed my big squad. I failed to deny the witch. He rolled perils and took a wound. The firestorm hit at strength 7 and started a chain reaction that luckily only killed 2 marines. The rest of his squad massacred my squad with bolter and autocannon fire (I failed all armor saves), reducing my 10-man melta squad to 2 guys who didn't have special weapons. The squad passed its morale test.
And then his other squad attacked the long fangs, killing the ancient and two missile guys and knocking the squad out of coherency. They also passed their morale test.

I rolled for an objective and was ordered to secure objective #6, which was the one in his DZ. Things were looking pretty grim at this point.
Both squads of grey hunters moved in to rapid fire the small chaos squad, managing to kill 2 marines.
The long fangs moved back into coherency, but then missed both shots.
Olaf -- shamed and enraged at the loss of so many men under his command -- hopped the barricade (detatching himself from the long fangs), girded himself with precognition, and charged the chaos marines. They all missed their snap shots, perhaps caught off guard by his actions. He issued a challenge to their champion, which was accepted.

The Allfather was watching over Olaf that day, as none of the Chaos attacks managed to wound, while Olaf slew the three within reach with his axe (leaving one chaos marine locked in combat).

At the end of turn 3,
Wolves: 2 vp; objectives active: kill a unit in assault, secure marker in his DZ
Chaos: 2 vp; objectives active: supremacy, kill a unit shooting

Turn 4 (12:45)

Chaos rolled two more objectives, receiving orders to secure objective 2 (which was on his side of the board, but away from his guys behind the hill), and to destroy the witch (I guess his superiors were fed up with Olaf).
He moved his big squad toward objective 2 behind the hill.
His sorcerer tried to firestorm my squad-of-two, but the storm scattered off into the field. Some guys from that squad fire the autocannon and some bolters, but the remaining grey hunters made their armor saves.
In his assault phase, the marine fails to wound the rune priest, who then finishes him off. This gives me a point for destroying a unit in an assault.

Wolves rolled 2 objectives (a new one and one to replace the assault one), and were ordered to both hold the line (again!) and secure objective #2 (the same one he was going after, behind the hill. I guess there is something good over there).
My squads were close to in position for holding the line, so I moved them to do so and would score that point. I also realized at this point that I wasn't losing, but that he could even it up by destroying that squad-of-two via shooting, so I tried to get them into cover.
Olaf, distracted by his blood rage, failed to muster the concentration necessary to give the long fangs prescience. The long fangs had to move to get a shot on the big squad, but a snap fired krak missle managed to take out a chaos marine.

At the end of turn 4,
Wolves: 4 vp; objectives active: secure marker in his DZ, secure marker behind the hill
Chaos: 2 vp; objectives active: supremacy, kill a unit shooting, secure marker behind the hill, destroy the witch

Turn 5 (13:05)

Chaos rolled for an objective and was ordered to take no prisoners (destroy a unit, i think). We realized that I was up by quite a bit, but that he had so many open objectives that if he killed my rune priest he would win (especially during the shooting phase). He moved his squad toward the rune priest. The autocannon guy fires some snap shots, but doesn't get a wound. The sorcerer didn't have line of sight to the priest,so he detached from the squad and ran, hoping to set up a shot for next turn.

Wolves rolled for an objective and were ordered to assassinate a character.
The grey hunters moved up to protect the rune priest. The priest, his blood haze wearing off, was beginning to realize that he should not get himself killed, and moved back to link up with the larger squad. He then granted the long fangs prescience, but suffered a wound from perils in the process.
It just so happened that the long fangs could see the marine squad's power fist champion guy between the rocks, so they took the shot and killed him and one other marine who was behind him, scoring a point for assassination.

At the end of turn 5,
Wolves: 5 vp; objectives active: secure marker in his DZ, secure marker behind the hill
Chaos: 2 vp; objectives active: supremacy, kill a unit shooting, secure marker behind the hill, destroy the witch, take no prisoners

We rolled and found that the game would continue.

Turn 6 (13:23)
Chaos rolled for an objective, and was ordered to capture objective #4, which happened to be near his squad. He split the sorcerer off from the squad and moved him up to attack the rune priest, and sort of stretched the rest of the squad back to reach the objective and score the point.
He was in range both doom bolt and firestorm on the rune priest, and I failed my attempt to deny the witch. But the Allfather was still watching over Olaf (who just had one wound left due to his perils), as the firestorm scattered off into a field and, amazingly, he rolled a one on the wound die for the bolt and failed to wound. Olaf also saved against the sorcerer's bolt pistol.
His marines fire the autocannon and a couple of bolter shots at my larger marine squad, killing a guy.

(I forgot to take a picture here, and I guess I also forgot to roll for an objective.)
The rune priest breaks from his squad and runs for cover, and fails to buff the long fangs. The remaining grey hunters move up and take the sorcerer (who was in an exposed position after trying to get the rune priest) out in a hail of bolter fire, giving me a point for the warlord. The long fangs run so that they might have a shot on the squad next turn.

At the end of turn 6,
Wolves: 6 vp; objectives active: secure marker in his DZ, secure marker behind the hill
Chaos: 3 vp; objectives active: supremacy, kill a unit shooting, secure marker behind the hill, destroy the witch, take no prisoners

We rolled, the game continued.

Turn 7 (13:46)
Chaos rolled 2 objectives: no prisoner, secure objective #4. He's standing on objective #4 from last turn, so that was convenient. He also stretched the squad forward to shoot at my squad-of-two. His amazing luck continued, as he rolled three 1's to wound with the autocannon and the bolter that had hit. (it was foolish for me to move the marines up like that, as if he had wounded twice he would have evened the score up.)

The wolves attacked the remaining squad; the chaos marines saved against the bolter fire but one was taken out by the lascannon.

We rolled, and the game ended. Final score was wolves 6, chaos 4.

cook, 8/24/14 23:10

I think the primary thing going on here was that I was very lucky with rolling objectives (hold the line twice, assassinate just when a character was the only guy my long fangs could see, etc), and also very lucky with my rune priest in combat.
The rune priest could easily have bit it in the assault against the power axe guy (I thought he would, actually, I was just trying to go out in style) and he really lucked out when the sorcerer and the marine squad with the autocannon came after him and rolled a slew of ones. I think he would have gotten 4 points for taking him out (warlord, destroy the witch, no prisoners and superior firepower since he was his own unit at the time).

In general, I wonder about the wisdom of making your warlord a psyker, since you can easily lose him to perils and give the opponent a few points.

Maybe I should have tried to get my melta guys within 6" instead of 12". I was surprised by their complete ineffectiveness against the rhino.

I appreciated Mark's bold push for the objective in my deployment zone. I should probably have put a small squad on it -- I didn't contest it, and he just got the point.
I think there is an advantage in having a larger number of smaller squads, in that you can cover more territory and claim more objectives (or e.g. hold the line with 3 units).

I really need some rhinos or cavalry or something. My guys were so slow -- it was just luck that I got a bunch of objectives that didn't require me to move them more than 6".

I guess the long fangs are quite vulnerable, if something gets close to them. I wonder what I can do about it. I think I should have focused the rhino on the first turn, instead of split-firing.
Maybe keep the small back-field objectives squad near them to assist? Reserve some guys to fire after the long fangs, in case infantry spills out of the transport after they destroy it?

Gozetar, 8/27/14 22:49
Re: Commentary

Until next winter...

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