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Party Knowledge - Religion

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Party Knowledge

Stuff that someone in the party knows due to ranks in the appropriate knowledge skill, though their player may not know they know it. Assumed that if another character posed the question it would be answered. Like most, a thread in progress.

Rules note: I automatically roll knowledge checks for you guys for any info you come across and have a chance of knowing, if I don't ask you to roll for yourselves. A failed knowledge check can't be re-tried until you have gained access to a substantially greater amount of knowledge; gaining another rank in the appropriate knowledge skill satisfies this condition, but so does using an appropriately sized library (or its equivalent) - thus Cook is able to reroll some checks by searching through the tomes and miscellany stored at Una's. Depending on the nature of the library, sometimes only certain knowledge skills may be rerolled, and sometimes a bonus on the check may be granted.

Also, going forward in this thread, this first post will contain any further rules clarifications for knowledges, and there will be a separate post for each individual skill. Hopefully this will keep the info more organized and accessible; to this end please don't post any questions here!

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The 8 Gods

~Asmodeus, Grand Heirarch of the Nine Hells, Master of Runes, Lord of Bindings - Lawful Evil
~Andrad, of the Manifold Configurations - Lawful Neutral
~Sol, King of the Nine Heavens, the Just - Lawful Good
~Edicine, Mistress of Delights, the Queen in Jewels - Neutral Evil
~Florauna, Peacemaiden, Lady of Good Neighbors - Neutral Good
~Sadis, the Flesh Eater, the Blood-Drinker, Lord of Charnel Feasts, the Walking Abattoir, et cetera - Chaotic Evil
~The Anarch, Mother of Nightmares, Father of Invention - Chaotic Neutral
-Gloria, the Crusader, Lady of the Quest, Queen of Champions - Chaotic Good

Party Knowledge - Religion