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Story post

You startle awake from unconsciousness.

Your head throbs with a strong, but dull pain. A miasma of stale booze and cigarettes surrounds you. Eyes still closed, a deep purple behind your eyelids seems to signify that the sun is up. Dry, and saliva-less, your mouth craves fluids. Questions slowly form and make their way through the haze that permeates your brain.

"Was I out drinking last night?"

"What was that noise?"

You recall foggy snapshots of a bar, loud music, women, and a celebration of some sorts, but try as you might, you cannot recall any details. Groggily, you open your eyes. Focus does not come immediately, as bright light overwhelms your vision.


Your eyes regain focus and you survey the room. You both realize that you are in a
holding cell. You can see the police main office from the cell, like in an old T.V. show like Barney Miller, or the Andy Griffith Show. Inside the cell are two cots with a blanket and a pillow each. There is a toilet and sink with as well.

Gary groans, and lifts his head. His bloodshot eyes briefly pause to examine the other man (he seems familiar...) with some degree of suspicion, before continuing around the room.

"What was that noise?"

He staggers out of bed and tries the cell door. It rattles, obviously locked.

Richard stares at his surroundings with a complete lack of comprehension. Jail cell? He sits up, rubbing his eyes and looking around again. Jail cell. Dismayed that his eye-rubbing has failed to eliminate his current surroundings and replace them with something more acceptable, he contemplates his cellmate's question.


A low grumble sounds from his gut, and Richard pats himself down before reaching behind himself and producing a Power Bar which he opens and begins thoughtfully chewing on.

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