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Characters - Gary Gleason - Richard Koffler

John Smith, 3/23/14 17:04

I have sent you your character info. Any questions please post them here. Also, Please post a copy of your character here so it will be easy for me to look them over.

gary, 5/6/14 20:09
Gary Gleason

Gary Gleason

Gary is a smallish, pale young man, with a slightly distracted air. Originally from South Dakota, he works as a counselor at Caltech.

- All power chosen are psionic in nature

S10 D10 C12 I12 W12 Ch14

Knowledge: Behavioral sciences - 5 ranks
Gather Info - 2
Drive - 1
Sense motive - 2
Bluff - 2

Well Informed (to represent a sort of psionic hunch)
Second Chance (vs mind control)

Powers: (5)
Telepathy (4)
- 2 - rank 1
- 1 - alternate power: emotion control, rank 1
- 1 - power feat: subtle
Mind Shield (1)

Drawback: Noctiphobia- fear of the dark. (every 20 mins in darkness
you suffer a cumulative -1 to all d20 checks.)

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Richard, 5/8/14 20:18
Richard Koffler

A budget analyst employed by the California Institute of Technology located in Pasadena, CA who has a M.B.A specializing in finance. He is 25 years old, 5'10" and 195 lbs with grey hair and brown eyes. An only child, born and raised in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, his parents were middle class laborers in the resort industry.


S 10
I 12
W 10
D 12
C 12
Ch 12

Business 5r
Physical science 2r
Computers 2r
Profession: Analyst 1r
Gather info: 2r

Second chance: explosions

Dimensional pocket 3 ranks
-power feat, subtle 1r

Drawback: You need to eat every hour while awake. Your rapid mutation is causing you to burn calories at an alarming rate. (-1 cumulative to all d20 checks for every hour you go without eating)

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Characters - Gary Gleason - Richard Koffler