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Plot Threads

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Plot Threads

Open plot threads by region acquired

--- The Grave ---
The Nullers - who/what are they? Why were they in the Grave? Deca's slaying of G seemed to create an effect similar to the nullers' appearance/disappearance.

The Warped Knight - Who was this man, and how did he know Cook, Chocobo, and the Nullers? What is the 'parcruxicon' of which he spoke?

--- The Northern Isle ---
Alchemical theft - having traced the goods to an unknown Astermont buyer in Thatcher's Bluff, the trail has gone somewhat cold. Remains to be proven if this is tied to Shem's report of heavy Astermont mercenary employment.

--- Graveside ---
Una's Request - Una has asked Smith to track down the members of a party that went into the Grave shortly before he was found, believing their experience there may be linked to the 'Night of Shadows' Graveside experienced. Members include:

- Thanagar, a barbarian priest from the Shattered Lands. Seen briefly in the final chamber of Jovik's Crucible, which he has apparently navigated twice. Teleported away before spoken to. Skaldburen hunts him on some mission of vengeance. Whereabouts unknown.

- Clydor, a simple minded and irritable archer native to Graveside; found in the employ of Decker, he revealed that he believed something happened in the Grave which the others kept secret from him, and gave info on where others might be.

- Elysium, aka Eli, a blind astronomer capable of 'calling up lights' and telling fortunes; Clydor believed he and Clay were hiding something from him.

- Terra, a Graveside peasant girl gifted/cursed with uncontrolled fire sorcery. Feared by her family due to her powers, perhaps rightly so, as Clydor reported her magic use to be highly indiscriminate. Currently believed to be in the Western Wilds, possibly the Blue Desert.

- Simeon Clay, last scion of an Astermont noble mercenary family who 'chops everything up' and 'makes everybody sign contracts'; Clydor believes he and Eli were hiding something for him. Was not in the party when they went into the Grave, but joined them and became their de facto leader soon afterwards. Reportedly has formed a small mercenary company in the kingdom of Southwatch; though it is unclear whether this company was merely the party Una seeks, Clydor confirmed that Simeon has returned to the Eastern Monarchies within the past 3 months.

--- Astermont ---
Troubles in Cheval - apparently the Kingdom of Cheval is engaged in some sort of conflict with grippli natives in their northern wilderness, and is desperately seeking to hire mercenaries to assist. Why their own standing forces are unable to handle the problem is unknown.

The Asterthrone - currently under investigation.

Plot Threads