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Driftwood wrap up

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Driftwood wrap up

The party spends one more night in Driftwood-on-the-Sea before heading back to the Observatory. After perusing the goods at the Grey Market (updated sales list coming soon!) they return to the Inn to find parcels waiting for them, delivered earlier in the day by Shingles. For Kek, a small egg of some kind, apparently petrified; for Cook, a finely made wooden rod which he is fairly certain is a belaying pin; for Chocobo, a small carven piece of flint; for Smith, a tarnished earring of copper and silver cleverly wrought as a conch shell. None of the items are magical, nor seem of any considerable value.

The following day the trip back to the Observatory is made, where Dean Augustin gladly welcomes everyone back. When informed of the fate of the stolen goods he pays the party 8,000 gold as promised and thanks them for their efforts almost off-handedly before bustling them into his personal lab where, in the center of a large and complicated array of alchemical equipment, sits the dreamstone.

He excitedly explains that he believes the dreamstone to be a piece of omnichalcum, the mythical "alchemists' stone", a substance capable of changing its properties to match those of any other substance. Through days of vigorous experimentation and analysis he has been able to effect small, temporary changes within the stone, in large part through applying the arts of "true alchemy" - combining not just the application of physical stimuli but personal mental and spiritual force as well. He theorizes that with practice one could cause it to assume specific desired properties indefinitely. He expresses it is with no small reluctance that he returns it to the party, but the value of such a treasure is too great to be conceived and he will not offend by offering what paltry sums he can muster for it.

Further investigation into various magic items reveals the magic shield to be +2, and Smith also discerns a further function of the "Eye" (despite, or perhaps because of, its damaged state): when held in hand, it grants its 'wielder' the Diviner's 'Forewarned' class ability, granting a bonus to initiative equal to 1/2 character level and allowing them to always act in a surprise round.

Augustin offers food and lodging to the party for as long as they like in exchange for the opportunity to continue studying the dreamstone while they are in residence. If the party wishes he offers to set his best students to analyzing the vials found in Deca's base. The locked book he is unable to help with, explaining that his practical knowledge of applied arcane sciences, or "The Pursuit" as wizards like to call it, is highly limited. He also offers to arrange visits to the anatomy and astronomy schools if anyone so desires.

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Driftwood wrap up