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cook, 2/4/13 21:21

I thought I'd try to track the loot here. I may have missed some things, who knows.

Session 1 (12/8/12)
2 Chain Shirts (Cook, Chokobo) (regretfully, i think we left a bunch of other stuff in there... 3 more chain shirts, a suit of scale mail, a handful of ordinary weapons)
Masterwork Warhammer (Cook)
Potion of Invisibility (Zarzuket, i think)
120gp (split 5 ways, 5th for a "party share")

Session 2 (1/5/13)
Masterwork Greatclub (Cook)
50 gp (split 5 ways)
Potion - faint transmutation (Chokobo)
Potion - moderate divination (Chokobo)
Potion - string illusion (Chokobo)
Treasure map (dwarven language)

Session 3 (2/2/13)
180gp (split 5 ways)
Mithril Shirt (Chokobo)
Potion - CMW (Cook)
Amulet - prestidigitation at will (Zarzuket) (fine adamantine chain & sphere)
Masterwork Shortsword (?)
Masterwork Shortbow (?)
Small nonmagical silver/bronze idol (?) ("bobblehead")
Chain Gauntlets - +4 CMD vs disarm (Cook)
Corpse of two-headed snake aberration thing
(the (?)'s i'm pretty sure somebody would have taken - i'll carry them if nobody else wanted to.)

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cook, 2/4/13 21:30
Re: Loot

I think that I want to try to sell these things (unless someone wants them?) and split the cash:
- Chain Shirt (the non-mithril one that Chokobo wore for a bit before)
- Masterwork Greatclub (i'll keep the warhammer)
- Masterwork Shortsword
- Masterwork Shortbow
- Small nonmagical silver/bronze idol
- 2x Cestus

Ed - does the shortbow have a strength bonus on it? if so maybe I'll hang onto it.

I think I want to dissect the snake thing, write a paper for the Royal Society about it, and get a point of knowledge(dungeoneering).

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cook, 4/21/13 15:09
Session 4

(again, this may be incomplete)

sold to Una:
- most of our masterwork/mundane stuff, the bobblehead statue
- the potions from the stalagmite room
- gauntlets of +4 vs disarm

bought from Una:
- 5x potion cure light wounds
- 5x potion cure moderate wounds
- cloak with arcane symbols - mage hand at will; enlarge 1/day; expeditious retreat 1/day (Cook)
- scimitar +1 (Smith)

Una also had available, but we did not take:
- fine fur (from a large cat) boots - always land on your feet, take minimum falling damage (800gp)
- bronze wave-motif pauldrons - store up to 10 hit points in them (by taking damage); hit points come back immediately when you hit 0 or fewer hit points, lasts 24 hours (500gp)

Found in the Jovik Crucible (making use of ant haul and the the cloak's enlarge, we were able to carry out most or all of the stuff from the treasure room); SP= sale price to Una's:
- large scimitar +1 (SP 1000 gp) (sell)
- falchion +1 (Cook) (SP 1000 gp)
- adamantine chain shirt (Cook) (SP 2500 gp)
- 5x scroll - CLW at 5th (SP 362.5 gp) (smith)
- 2x scroll - magic missile at 3rd (SP 75 gp) (z'ket)
- 1x scroll - entangle at 3rd (SP 75 gp) (z'ket)
- potion - faint conjuration (CLW, cook)
- studded leather +1, light fortification (SP 2000 gp) (z'ket)
- chainmail +1 (SP 1000 gp) (sell)
- ring - protection +1 (SP 1000 gp) (smith)
- magic necklace - immunity to ingested and inhaled poisons (Smith) (6000gp)
- magic book - book of answers, one charge (SP 1000, we kept it)
- small magic boots - reduce person once a day, 1 minute (Zarzuket)
- thangaren's staff [was this masterwork or magic or something? i don't remember.] (No, it wasn't. SP 0 gp)
- mwk small longsword (SP 150 gp) (Z'ket)
- mwk small shortbow (SP 150 gp) (Z'ket)
- half plate (SP 300 gp) (sell)
- 2x mwk shortsword (SP 150 gp each) (sell)
- 2x mwk rapier (SP 150 gp each) (sell)
- 2x mwk dagger (SP 150 gp each) (cook, chokobo)
- ~1200gp worth of assorted jewelry (SP 1200 gp) (sell)
- wardrobe full of clothing, some of which might be valuable (keeping all of them would grant a +5 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks, taking 10 minutes; SP 250 gp would enable a +2 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks, taking 5 minutes; SP 400 gp would be selling all clothes.) (Smith)
- 4x heavy, magically trapped chests:
1) scroll cases full of maps. many of them are past/present comparisons/overlays of the current world vs the ancient world depected on the Crucible's map, maybe for the purpose of lining up teleports. some of them are just maps. Also some diagrams/blueprints of various buildings (from inns to castles/forts).
2) alchemical lab w/ ~1000gp worth of raw materials
3) books, encyclopedias and rare books, worth ~5000gp, can spend 8 hours to take 10 on any knowledge
4) empty box, nonmagical. The inside is covered with etchings/runes (we couldn't decipher them) and the box can be opened from the inside.
- partial copy of ancient map (Cook)

Una had 5x CLW and 2xCMW potions, we bought those.
We're thinking about buying a large wagon to cart all of this shit around in, but have not yet done that. In the interim we are storing most of it with Una. She is not charging us, instead she has access to the books.

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cook, 5/13/13 07:33
Session 5

Una had one item for sale: "shadow dust", which you can sprinkle on yourself to give you 20% concealment for a minute (allowing you to hide). 300gp per dose. Cook bought one dose.

Loudmouth the gnoll had 600gp worth of coins and ~800gp worth of gems. We gave 200 to the freed prisoners, for them to pay our ship to take them somewhere. He also had the "loudmouth cap" which can be used to amplify your voice up to a limit of "the sound of 40 people" (Zarzuket).

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cook, 7/16/13 22:07
Session 6

- 1" diameter gold orb, magical, cast "light" at will (can be toggled on/off via command word) (from the acid elemental thing) [who?]
- Cure Serious Wounds potion, from the Pugwampi [Cook took it, but can give it to someone else]
- Eyeball Orb, magical, clairvoyance at will and possibly other effects to be discovered, with carrying pouch [Smith]
- Shortsword +1 [probably sell to Una for 1000gp, or, can we trade it for better value?]
- 2x potion, detect secret doors [who?]
- 2x potion, find traps [who?]
- 8lb hunk of milky white "dreamstone" [who?]
- Bone mace +1, adds +2 lvl for the purpose of controlling undead [sell to una for 1400gp, unless we can trade for better value?]
- 2x "abstract art" statue, some precious metal, Chokobo appraised at 500-800gp each, expect to be able to sell in a city
- 3x large lenses, Chokobo appraised at 200-800gp each, expect to be able to sell at the Observatory on the Northern Isle
- 600gp in small denomination coins (was 800, gave 200 to Z'ket, from the gnoll chest)

- paid Una 200gp to identify stuff

so if we take the loot from last time and this time, selling the shortsword and the mace, we think that is 4400/3 = 1467gp each. (Smith mentioned this is of interest as he is taking a crafting feat.)

I will return the flask of Una's curative that Smith loaned me, since I didn't use it.
Cook wants to sell the masterwork warhammer he's been carrying around, and buy: antitoxins, longspear, longbow, arrows

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cook, 8/18/13 09:46
Session 7

- Sold 2 "abstract art" statues from session 6: 800gp
- Sold 3 lenses from session 6: 1500gp
- recovered from strongbox in Iskander's cart: 1200gp
- magic shortsword (Iskander's)
- ring of protection +1
(- possible reward from Dean Augustin)
(I don't think the Vinto had anything of value? not sure the disposition of Shoba)
We spent a small amount of money (~30g?) on transportation and other inanities,

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cook, 1/29/14 20:10
Session 10

after selling a bunch of shit...
6387.5 gp each
Bastard sword +2 (Cook)
Magic large (steel?) shield (unidentified, maybe Augustin can tell)
Wand of Scorching Ray, 12th level, 3 charges (Kek)
Box w/ 1000gp worth expensive spell components (Kek?)

Lead-lined box with five vials: (maybe Augustin can help us identify) (Chokobo?)
- empty (strong illusion)
- black (strong necromancy)
- pink (strong conjuration)
- green (strong transmutation)
- clear (strong abjuration)

Nonmagical Treatises, Slightly Waterlogged (Smith):
- historical / the second war
- the natural world
- the eight gods
- mathematics

Magical, unopenable book (Smith) (maybe Augustin could help?)

Possibly an additional 2000gp from Augustin
Maybe we recover our Dreamstone
Maybe we can purchase stuff at the Grey Market or the University

cook, 12/14/14 09:47
Session 16 (12/13/14) Loot

From Clay:
Mithril Breastplate +1
Leather workman's belt, hooks and such, +4 str
- Cook currently has a +2str/+2dex belt. I don't know which one I would prefer but either way somebody else can have the other belt. What if Cook takes the +4 str and gives Chokobo the +2/+2? Can Smith add +2 dex to the +4 str belt later on if we have the resources?
Adamantite Glaive - Cook?
2x Potions CMW
1x Potion "Copper infused barkskin" - +3 natural AC and also DR 5/adamantite
Cloak of Resistance +1

From Sorcerer/Ambassador:
Wand - ???
Cloak - ??? (similar to Clay's, maybe resistance)

From the cleric:
mwk platemail
mwk greatclub
vestments +2 resistance (damaged, 2 pts) (I think this is very good, because it's in an unusual slot for resistance (i.e. it's not a cloak, which lets you use a different cloak))
2 scrolls: unholy blight, order's wrath
holy symbol of Asmodeus (maybe we should just leave that there)

4 repeating crossbows

Jewelry box - ???
lockbox - ??? - (80lbs?) with at least gold in it.
- 10000 gp -> 2000gp each for PCs, 1000 each for gustav and braxicore. [I don't know if there is anything else in the box.]
misc. statuary / expensive clothing / etc - ???
Clay's notes & business papers? (Did Gustav take these? if not, we should.)

More potions:
- 2x "copperskin" (so, 3 total)
- 3x identify
- 3x potions which provide a +10 enhancement bonus on the imbiber's next Knowledge skill check if made within 1 minute.
(I wonder if they could be used in a process to partially restore the oracle/tree's health?)

The tree/oracle thing, which we hope to stick back in its grove.
- we should ask it some questions first

enormous mirror / lens apparatus - left it there

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cook, 5/24/17 18:39
Session 19 (5/20/17) Loot

From Maedu in the Stonefane:
- 15 poisoned crossbow bolts (fort dc15, 1d2 dex, 4 rounds, 1 save ends)
- masterwork repeating crossbow (cho ku no)
- 500 pp
- magical cloak: cast vanish 3/day as a swift action. lasts 3 rounds. black outside, bright red inside.
- masterwork dagger
- wand of scorching ray, 6 charges (Kek took it, I think)
- translations of druidic tablet rubbings

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