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Requiem for Dr. Owlbear - To Dave

drmathison, 6/22/08 10:14
Requiem for Dr. Owlbear

XP totals:
Andrus: 132,000
Kurt: 145,000
MMM: 145,000
Eric: 132,000
Shouri: 137,000
Lucky: 145,000

gold: 6,500 each (treasure + orb pay x2)

Loot from Mordain the Fleshweaver & his apprentice, asshole mcgee:

- Some books (MMM) (?)
- Spellbooks (MMM)
- Scroll of wish (MMM -- I think I will learn wish as one of my two "leveling up" spells, and keep this scroll in the pocket for when we need one and I don't feel like losing 5k XP)
- Dusty Rose Ioun stone (+1 insight to AC) - Andrus
- Scarlet & Blue Ioun stone (+2 enhancement to int (doesn't stack with mine!)) - Eric
- Ring of Evasion (maybe lucky since his reflex is probably pretty good, yet he doesn't have evasion? Do you have a ring slot open?) - Lucky
- Amulet of health +6 - Eric (frees up a amulet natural armor +1 -> ??)
- Ring of prot +5 - Shaori (frees up ring prot +4 -> Andrus)
- Cloak of minor displacement (20%) - Mathison (frees up a cloak resist frost 5 -> ??)
- Gloves of dex +2 - Mathison
- Bracers of the wind (enemies have -2 to hit you with ranged (as if you were in a windy area, i guess circumstance?); you have +1 competence to hit with thrown and ranged (but not rays!)) -> Eric (frees up a bracers of arrow deflection -> Mathison)
- Necklace (eberron shard spellbook - MMM?)
- Flaming greatsword +1 (4150 if we sell)
- Byeshk morningstar +2 (4750 if we sell)
- Rod to control Xoriat orb (of psionic manufacture...i.e. Dr. Owlbear didn't make it. It is only a few years old though, so someone made it (the preceptor?). It is not an epic item; so perhaps after studying this I will be able to make a "wondrous item" interface for one of the more benign (for me, anyway) orbs (Daanvi?))

I'd be interested in many of those things, but I imagine other people are also and I'm not particularly attached to anything (plus, I got all the "wizardy" stuff).
- If I got the amulet of health I would give someone a Brooch of Shielding (~80 points left) and Boots of +4 con.
- I have a cloak of frost resistance (5 points only) that someone could have if I got the cloak
- I have a ring of counterspells (any spell of up to 6th level) that someone could have if I got one of the rings (or I would also be content to hang onto my counterspells ring).
- I don't have bracers or gloves, so I'd take those if nobody else wanted them, but I don't particularly want them.
- Rose Ioun Stone would be cool, but I probably have insight bonuses to AC up more often than anyone else (especially once I get foresight, which will be...now), so I shouldn't "bid on" this.

We sold the +2 mithril breastplate from the last adventure (3500), but we bought 2x hero's feast scroll (~3300?), so I think we can call that about even and have one scroll left for the future.

Interestingly, there was apparently some written correspondence between Dr. Owlbear and the Preceptor lying around his office. The mind flayer was an "associate" of the preceptor, sent to aid in some venture (maybe whatever he was up to with the Xoriat orb).

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drmathison, 6/24/08 17:35
To Dave

1. Whenever we go back for a more thorough looting / study (I imagine this is the next day (with spells!)), I want to get the bodies of the mind-flayer and my...woefully misguided and foolish erstwhile colleague. This will serve the dual purposes of impeding anyone who wants to raise them, and allowing Kragesh to interrogate them at his leisure.

They will be stored inside one of the areas of the lab protected by a Private Sanctum (or possibly warded with an Obscure Object rotation, whatever works out to be most efficient).

2. I can't find this spell: "Blessing of Mutation"

3. did you take my fucking monster manual to connecticut?

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Requiem for Dr. Owlbear - To Dave