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drmathison, 5/23/08 17:19
Von Kleist Manor - Loot haul and pending problems

Not to be insensitive to the deceased or semi-deceased... (a situation which probably needs to be resolved before really getting into this loot), but just for the sake of writing things down before I forget...

- Silver bastard sword +1
- Ring of protection +4 (I believe Lucky Dan took this)
- Amulet of resistance +1
- Potion of bull's strength
- 7x Brilliant Energy dragonbane arrows +1
- byeshk mail shirt +5, "aberration bane" - meaning: +2 luck bonus to ac/saves vs aberrations--note that byeshk is heavier than steel (maybe 50% heavier?)
- +1 Dhakaani Warblade (like a bastard sword) (I'm not sure, but this might have also been byeshk?)
- longsword +2, frost
- mithril breastplate +2 (maybe Andrus wants this?)
- 5-foot-tall bronze baby-juicing idol, something to do with a rakshasa (rak'tulkesh ?)... definitely magical...not too clear on the details, but: "feed it a baby, get a prize"
- staff of healing, 22 charges
- the Fist of Gadrah Pradah - 1/day: all creatures, objects, etc within a 100x100 cylinder must make a reflex save (dc20) or be unable to fly for 1 minute. Known to have been used to some fame and much effect against airships in the last war.
- Malevolent ruby carving of a wasp hive - summon hellwasp swarm for 1 minute / week
- the Iron Crown of Karrn the Conqueror (the first king of Karrnath): +6 charisma, once per day the wearer may use an improved form of greater command that affects everyone within 100 feet. (I believe this should go to Lucky Dan, though it would be "wise" to not just plainly wear it around town...)
- Spellbooks (dibs!)
- there was also at least one book that radiated some conjuration magic, as if it would help you summon something...but I don't know the details
- spell notes that appear to be a formula for an epic-spell version of mage armor, some other spells (inc. some from Professor Immuel Gerot (something like that)) (dibs!)
- some sort of fucked up mutated vat-grown fetus, having grown around a silver flame holy symbol...detects as "good"
- 1000gp of alchemical equipment
- 500gp of summoning equipment
- 5000gp in platinum bars
- 5000gp in diamonds

Possible other stuff of value:
sphere of annihilation (possibly...)
the various valuable but nonmagical items in the museum
rare books / etc (some of these definitely should not be sold)
the priceless Uluguff Dance

Unresolved issues:
- resurrecting Kragesh and possibly Eric (more on this later)
- looting the home of Kurt's old friend Dedlev Raitlith
- the hell hound
- the apprentice in temporal stasis
- the disembodied glabrezu (I think we should find a way to permanently kill this guy before resetting the house defense 'circuit breaker', since it seems like pissed off demons might have a way of coming back to get you...
- whatever is possessing eric -- mathison doesn't really consider himself a hero or anything, and he certainly isn't good-aligned, but I think he would have a problem with just letting some demon possess eric and do whatever he feels like doing with him for a while...
- what to do with the house and the butler (a rakshasa!)
- the trapped cthulu or whatever it is in the basement (more of a longer-term issue)

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imthedungeonmaster, 6/1/08 16:56
Re: Von Kleist Manor - Loot haul and pending problems

My initial understanding is that people are interested in selling the arrows (worth 5k), the bastard sword (worth 1.5k), the warblade (worth 1.5k), the amulet (worth 0.5k) and the frost longsword (worth 9k). Combined with the 10k of money, the four way share is 6,875gp each.

However, there is around 5k worth of other stuff in the museum, 10k in paintings/statues/etc, and 10k in wine and liquor (most of it went bad, but the stuff that is still around is at least 50 years old...). I don't know if you want to denude the house or not. If you sold all that, you'd be looking at an additional share of 6,250gp each.

If you sell off everything in the home of Detlev Raitliff that isn't destroyed, you are looking at a share of 1,500gp each. With the 6,875 from above, that's 8,375gp each. If you sell the paintings, etc, it goes up to 14,625gp each.

Selling off the books would get you at least another 5,000gp each, but Mathison seems to want to keep them around and some of the topics in them might actually be dangerous to distribute into the general population. I also didn't include the valuable spell components, but dividing those by four would net you 375gp each.

Some sale prices for other magic items (obviously, divide by 4 to see what your share would be):

Fist of Gadra Pranah - 21,600
Mithril Breastplate +2 - 3,500
Hellwasp Hive - 8,190
Staff of Healing - 6,105 (costs 555 per charge to recharge)

The Mail of Jhazaal Dhakaan (18k) and the Crown of Karrn the Conqueror (46k) would require some effort to sell without getting in trouble. Several surveyed members of the party were leery of selling off the Bronze Idol of Rak Tulkesh (?k) which would also be something of an adventure to sell.

As for the Glabrezu, you destroyed his spiritual projection, so somewhere his inert body is spending a week regenerating it's consciousness.

drmathison, 6/14/08 11:15
Re: Von Kleist Manor - Loot haul and pending problems

So I'm going to assume all that shit got sold, unless anyone objects...
That leaves:
- Ring of Protection +4 (Lucky)
- Mail of Jhazaal Dhakaan (Lucky)
- Crown of Karrn the Conqueror (Lucky)
- Mithral Breastplate +2 (???, or sell for 3500)
- Bronze Idol of Rak Tulkesh (I think we're stuck with this...perhaps Kragesh can begin a cautious study of it)
- Staff of Healing (Lucky?)
- Fist of Gadra Pranah (???, but again I don't want to sell it)
- Hellwasp Hive (Up for grabs, but I think we should hang onto it)
- Mutant Fetus (??? -- perhaps andrus wants this...it's some kind of organ replacement)
- Books (Mathison)
14,625gp each
From this, we have to buy a freedom scroll (~5k?) and a hero's feast scroll (~1k) so that would leave:
13,125gp each

From the Nalfeshnee fight:
- +3 cold iron sickle, human bane, grants the cleave feat; (supposedly sends souls to the Keeper, but is not evilly aligned) (selling this would probably bring a lot of money (25,000?), but it is quite a "good" weapon if someone wants it.
- Khyber shard necklace with the soul of the previous high priest of the Keeper in it (I feel we should trade this to the church of the silver flame (and possibly be around when they open it, just in case), in exchange for either money or them "owing us one" for the next time one of us gets jacked, etc)

2,400gp each

so at the end of the day we have those items listed, and:
lucky: 15,525 gp
kurt: 15,525gp
eric: 13,125gp
MMM: 15,525gp - scroll of resurrection (13,503 after eberron markup) = 2,022
alfonse: 2,400gp
shouri: 2,400gp

Pending assholes to use discern location on (and then possibly go kill):
- glabrezu
- high lich-priest of the keeper
(ajar shef, preceptor, the helmsman, that little halfling fucker (milo boromar?), the bandit who sold kleist and lucky to the emerald claw, maximilian zeigler etc...please feel free to add to the list... ).

I'm not sure if we will have time to play before the 21st with Ed and the hag thing, or whatever dave has in mind, but if at all possible I think we should off the glabrezu before he regenerates (i.e. within a few days of game time).

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drmathison, 6/18/08 09:37
Re: Von Kleist Manor - Loot haul and pending problems

Quoth dave:

I certainly plan to DM this Saturday. I have an adventure of modest scope (I want to finish in one session) that I am working on during my woodland seclusion. Everybody should make sure their characters are 16th level... preferably ahead of time!

You will have roughly a week to prepare/buy crap/exterminate pesky glabrezu. There is a 1k purchasing allowance from House Tharashk. You are to go have an audience with the Daughters of Sora Kell, who apparently have a trade to offer you.

The house has also announced that they have solved the Skin Taker murders after destroying a cult of the Keeper in the outskirts of Sharn. Kurt, Lucky, Mathison, and Shouri got the credit. The body of the demon responsible for the cult is to be stuffed and mounted for display at Morgrave University. Parade, medals, bitches, blah blah blah.

In unrelated news, Eric has stopped radiating strong evil.

The house is going to foot the bill for two resurrection scrolls, which we are just going to assume pliers successfully reads. That means Mathison can have his 13,503gp back and Eric can keep his wish.

Please see loot list on the Mathison website:

Ed, Andrus can have 10k gold for services rendered.

Also, in unrelated news, the Boromar crime family seems to have been attacked by unknown assailants weilding high-powered crossbows. The remaining members now report to Lord Merriwinkle.

Von Kleist Manor - Loot haul and pending problems - Re: Von Kleist Manor - Loot haul and pending problems - Re: Von Kleist Manor - Loot haul and pending problems - Re: Von Kleist Manor - Loot haul and pending problems