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drmathison, 5/6/08 08:16
Merrix d'Cannith

Our recent foray into Cyre provided us with some interesting information: We procured a warforged schema. The existence of this is interesting enough; however, after investigation, it appeared that this schema had been produced recently (within a year or so) by Merrix d'Cannith (who I think is some close descendant of the original inventor of the warforged, rather than the actual guy himself).

My understanding is that the knowledge to produce schema was thought to have died with the original Merrix d'Cannith, and that constructing schemata or new warforged is "very" illegal.

Merrix d'Cannith is located in Sharn, is he not? He was the guy with the undersea hotel, and one of the few political forces (aside from von Kleist, of course) pushing toward the treatment of warforged as sentient citizens of Breland. I think that it would be worth looking into how and why he created the schema, as well as how it wound up in the posession of the Lord of Blades. For that matter, perhaps he was involved in the creation of the ... chaos titan ... that we found in Cyre.

Any suggestions on this? In the meantime, I think Mathison wants to spend a little time looking into this. (making use of libraries or other scholarly repositories of information -- perhaps there is a journal that d'Cannith likes to publish in, or something; some noninvasive spells like legend lore (directed toward both men of the name, the schema itself, and perhaps the chaos titan); and perhaps House Tharashk's information network. )

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imthedungeonmaster, 5/7/08 13:18
Re: Merrix d'Cannith

You realize Legend Lore costs 250gp every time, right?

drmathison, 5/7/08 19:07
Re: Merrix d'Cannith

You realize Legend Lore costs 250gp every time, right?

Well, it costs me like 10x that to recharge my fly and invisibility wands after every session, so it seems a small price to pay for getting some kind of clue as to what is actually going on.

Additionally, I haven't really tried to use all that many, it's just that you never get back to me on the results, so it just sounds like there're a lot of them because I keep asking for the same ones over and over. :P

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