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Eberron News - Terror sweeps Sharn as the "Skin Taker" remains at large - Curfew imposed on Warforged in Skyway - Von Kleist Manor in Korth reputed to be haunted - The Daughters of Sora Kell - Heroes of Breeland?

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Eberron News

So I think it will be handy to post non-adventure specific campaign events here, just so everyone has some sort of idea what is going on.

- House Tharashk inquisitive Yevgen Torrn has exposed Upper Menthis city council representative Thurik Davandi's ties to organized crime, leading to calls from the Sharn City Watch, Dean Larrian ir'Morgrave of Morgrave University, several council members, and Lady Celyria ir'Tain for the removal of Thurik Davandi.

Thurik Davandi, a gnomish tailor, was supplying illegal shadow-weave cloaks in large numbers to a recently exposed den of thieves in Little Plains, the halfling ghetto in Middle Menthis. The council reached a deadlock on his expulsion, leading the Lady ir'Tain to sponsor a candidate to run against him in the upcoming election.

Sir Kurt Von Kleist, hero of Sharn and known patron of the opera, is running on a platform of support for the Watch, funds to support the arts, and public need-based scholarships to Morgrave University "So that our little ones will not be led into a life of crime." He seems to have considerable popular appeal amongst the academic and entertainment communities of Upper Menthis.

Members of the gnomish community of Den'iyas have made nasty accusations that Sir Von Kleist harbors a racist hatred of gnomes, but these claims have been dismissed by most voters.

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Terror sweeps Sharn as the "Skin Taker" remains at large

The mysterious murder now being called the "Skin Taker" struck again on the 1st of Lharvion, more than doubling his body count.

- The first victim, Daral ir'Tain, was found skinned in his bed at the Tain Manor in Skyway on 1st Dravago. At the time, the killing of the youngest son of the powerful ir'Tain family was assumed to be politically motivated.

- Victim two, Ergush Grul, was a half-orc foundry worker in Ashblack. He was found, minus skin, in a storage closet at his place of employment on 1st Nymm. No motive could be immediately determined.

- Victim three was Kendle Crumper, a grocer from Cassan Bridge in Middle Menthis Plateau. The first customer of the day found him skinned and hanging from the rafters of his shop on 1st Nymm.

- Olivia and Bethany ir'Demell, twin spinster aunts of the Lord Mayor Cathan ir'Demell, were discovered dead in their parlor by their maid on 1st Lharvion, devoid of their skin and sitting in their rocking chairs. The maid had served them afternoon tea approximately 30 minutes earlier.

- High Priest Pthaso Mogan, late ranking priest of the Sovereign Host in Sharn, was found skinned in his bathtub by his manservant, also on 1st Lharvion.

- Commander Lian Halamar, head of the Daggerwatch garrison of the Watch in Upper Dura, was discovered similarly mutilated in a jail cell on 1st Lharvion.

All cadavers were expertly skinned, with none of their internal organs or muscular systems disturbed. Authorities have yet to find a witness or a physical trace of the murderer. Little seems to connect the victims, excluding a high public profile for several (but not all) of them. High Priest Mogan's manservant, a member of the clergy, claimed to have detected a "lingering aura of something malign."

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Curfew imposed on Warforged in Skyway

After voting down legislation to expand warforged suffrage two months ago in the wake of the warforged terrorist attack on Baron Merrix d'Cannith's ill-fated Undersea Hotel, the Sharn City Council voted 13 to 4 in favor of imposing a curfew restricting warforged activity in the noble district of Skyway. Warforged discovered between dusk and dawn without a writ of passage from one of the resident noble houses will be detained for questioning.

Baron Merrix d'Cannith argued passionately both for suffrage and against the curfew in front of the City Council, arguing that warforged were thinking, living citizens of Breeland that are no more responsible for the actions of a misguided few than most halflings are responsible for the thugs who operate out of the halfling community of Little Plains. Baron d'Canith called the recent votes "A pair of terrible setbacks for both the warforged community and true supporters of democracy." In an interview with the Korranberg Chronicle, Baron Merrix d'Canith went so far as to accuse the ruling elite of "hypocritical contradiction of their own calls for more democratic participation in the political processes of the Monarchy of Breeland." He also claimed that he would continue employ and support any and all warforged in need, "knee-jerk xenophobia be damned."

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Von Kleist Manor in Korth reputed to be haunted

A detatchment of the Korth Guard reported a suspected breaking and entering at the long-abandoned Von Kleist Manor in Highcourt Ward. An investigative team entered the building shortly after. Guards remaining outside reported "horrible screams" and no members of the team returned. Neighbors have long complained of "strange" noises and lights after dark, and many have urged the crown to reclaim the land, King Kaius III himself has vetoed any such action in honor of past service by the Von Kleist family to Karrnath.

Warlord Renn ir'Tanar, commanding officer in charge of security in the Korth region, has sent a letter to the new Baron Von Kleist requesting assistance.

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The Daughters of Sora Kell

Sora Teraza, one of the Covey known as the Daughters of Sora Kell, has seen in her dreams that they must give the Orb of Thelanis to House Tharashk... but Sora Katra and Sora Maenya refuse to give it up without some form of compensation. Tharashk officers have worked out a deal with Sora Katra, but Sora Maenya has demanded that House Tharashk's "heroes" come claim the orb in person. Lord Merriwinkle is of the opinion that you had best ready for anything before heading to the Great Crag to confront the Hags.

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Heroes of Breeland?

King Boranel Wynarn of Breeland has proclaimed Sir Kurt Von Kleist, Sir Andrus, and Dr. M. Montgomery Mathison heroes of the realm. Their return to the city with the head of the Lord of Blades was marked with a triumphal parade. All three have been granted small parcels of land west of the City of Ardev, near the feet of the Graywall Mountains. Dr. Mathison was knighted on the steps of the temple of the Sovereign Host. All three were presented with the Rampant Bear for highest valor in his majesty's service. Von Kleist pronounced his conquest a victory for all of the people of Breeland, as well as warforged everywhere who have been freed of the stigma of this dastardly terrorist.

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Eberron News - Terror sweeps Sharn as the "Skin Taker" remains at large - Curfew imposed on Warforged in Skyway - Von Kleist Manor in Korth reputed to be haunted - The Daughters of Sora Kell - Heroes of Breeland?