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John Smith, 6/3/23 19:10

Sept Bork'An:
+4" to ranged weapons
Ranged attacks Str 7 or less against vehicles or battle suits are -1 Str

HQ(PL 10): Commander Coldstar Battle Suit
Warlord Trait: A Ghost Walks Among Us (1 RP)
x2 Plasma Rifle
Missile Pod
Protype System: Resonance Warheads (1 RP)
Relic: Solid Image Projection Unit (1 RP)

HQ(PL 5): Cadre Fireblade
Warlord Trait: Through Boldness Victory (1 RP)
Relic: Oht'Tu's Lantern
x2 Shield Drones

Troop 1(PL 5): Strike Team
Missile Pod
x1 Markerlight
Veteran Warriors: Reroll 1's to hit

Troop 2(PL 5): Strike Team
Missile Pod
x1 Markerlight

Troop 3(PL 5): Strike Team
Missile Pod
x1 Markerlight

Fast Attack(PL 8)
x3 Railguns
x7 Markerlights
X2 Shield Drones
x1 Grav drone
x1 Recon Drone
x1 Neroweb Jammer (S)
x1 Gernade Launcher (S)

Elite (PL 5): Stealth Battlesuits
x1 Marker Drone
X1 Shield Drone
x1 Fusion Blaster(S)

Heavy Support (PL6):
Heavy Raigun
Twin Plasma Rifle
X2 Shield Drone

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