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Campaign Overview: Battle Honors

John Smith, 3/9/20 09:58
Campaign Overview: Battle Honors

Battle Honors:

All units except Characters, swarms, drones and buildings qualify.


Unit took part in battle: +1 XP
Unit was controlling an objective marker at the end of battle: +2 XP
Unit destroyed enemy units during battle (excluding Vehicle, Monster or Titanic units): +1 XP/unit
Unit destroyed enemy Vehicle/Monster units during battle (excluding Titanic units): +2 XP/Unit
Unit destroyed enemy Titanic units during battle: +3 XP/unit
Unit destroyed enemy Warlord during battle: +D3 XP
Unit of the match: +D3*
Unit destroyed during battle: -D3 XP**
** Cannot lose more XP than gained during battle, ant end of game roll D6, on a 1, unit must rest and resupply. BH may not be applied for the next battle.**

0: 0-4 XP
1: 5-9 XP: Rank 1 BH
2: 10-24: Rank 2 BH
3: 25-39: Rank 3 BH
4: 40-59: Rank 4 BH
5: 60+: Rank 5 BH
*A BH of lower Rank my always be chosen in place of the current rank*

Warrior BH:

Level 1: Sharpshooters (re-roll 1's in Shooting phase)
Level 1: Agile (Re-roll Advance and Charge dice)
Level 1: Dead-eye Shots (Unmodified rolls of 6 in Shooting phase increase Damage by 1)
Level 1: Grizzled (Ignore Leadership characteristic penalties)
Level 2: Lucky (Roll D6 every time model in unit loses a wound; on a 6 the model does not lose a wound.)
Level 2: Combat Specialists (Re-roll rolls of 1 in Fight phase)
Level 2: Assassins (Add +1 to wound rolls made against Character)
Level 3: Breachers: (Add +1 wound rolls against targets in cover)
Level 3: Trophy Takers (-1 Leadership characteristic to enemy units within 6")
Level 4: Disciplined (Unit may shoot or charge in the same round as they fell back)
Level 5: Brutal (+1 Strength and Attacks in the round this unit successfully charged)

Monster BH:

Level 1: Unstoppable Beast (After Charge move, units within 1" take 1 MW on a 4+)
Level 1: Monstrous Regeneration (Model regains 1 wound at beginning of your turn)
Level 2: Terrifying (-1 Leadership characteristic to enemy units within 6")
Level 2: Lashing Limbs (Every unmodified 6 saving throw in Fighting phase, attacker takes a MW after all attacks)
Level 3: Inhuman Resilience (Roll D6 every time model loses a wound; on a 6 the model does not lose a wound.)
Level 3: Sweeping Blows: (Every unmodified roll of 6 in Fight phase scores 2 hits instead of 1)
Level 4: Violent Death Throes (If slain can automatically trigger Death Throes)
Level 4: Juggernaut (Can re-roll charge dice)
Level 5: Just Making It Angry (Double wound range for Strength and Attacks)
Level 5: Eager (Before the 1st turn you move 5" after deployment, must be 9" from enemy)

Vehicle BH:

Level 1: Famed Commander (Roll D6 every time model in unit loses a wound; on a 6 the model does not lose a wound.)
Level 1: Skilled Driver (Can re-roll Advance )
Level 2: Experimental Ammunition (Add +1 Damage for one ranged weapon profile)
Level 2: Advance Targeting (Add 6" to rapid-fire and heavy weapons that have 24"or less range)
Level 3: Ablative Armor (AP -1 Weapons, are treated as AP 0)
Level 3: Storied Vehicle (Unit can re-roll 1 hit or wound per round in Shooting phase)
Level 4: Blessed Drive (Double wound range for Movement characteristic)
Level 4: Last Retort (Can choose to have vehicle explode)
Level 5: Prominent Trophy (+1 Leadership characteristic for units within 6"/ -1 to enemy units)
Level 5: Blessed Weapons (Double wound range for Ballistic Skill)

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Campaign Overview: Battle Honors