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Campaign Overview: Hero Points

John Smith, 3/9/20 09:27
Campaign Overview: Hero Points

Hero System:

The Hero System allows us to create unique CHARACTERS for are armies in our campaign. The CHARACTERS must be unnamed HQ units. The process is outlined below.

1. Before the 1st battle you may assign one of Hero Ability from any of the 3 tables (4 if the character is Psychic) to an unnamed CHARACTER model.

2. At the end of each subsequent battle, but before your next battle, you may choose to add a Hero Ability the same CHARACTER, or to different unnamed CHARACTER on your current roster.

3. You may not select a Hero Ability that has the same effect as one your CHARACTER already has, either through one of their innate abilities or ability gained through a Warlord trait or Relic.

4. Weapon improvements may not be applied to Relics.

5. Psychic enhancements are only available to PSYKERS.

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Campaign Overview: Hero Points