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2019-05-25, 2000pts, Space Wolves vs Orks

Volkov, 5/27/19 16:01
2019-05-25, 2000pts, Space Wolves vs Orks

A 2000pt 8th edition battle between the Space Wolves and Orks. The scenario was to try to hold the four objectives at the end of the battle (Retrieval Mission).

Deployment (13:30)

The Space Wolves force was made up of: six squads of grey hunters, four of which were protected in rhinos; a stormwolf gunship transport carrying a squad of wulfen, one of the grey hunters squads, and a wolf priest; a squad of thunderwolf cavalry; and a cavalry contingent of a wolf lord and three battle leaders supported by a wolf priest and a rune priest wearing jump packs.

The ork forces included several Evil Suns dunebuggy-looking-things led by the warboss on a trike, mek guns and a big mek, a battlewagon full of flash gitz and their captain, a small squad of bikers, three deff dredds, and a mob of stormboyz.

The wolves won the roll and deployed to the side of the board that was richer in objectives. The rhinos and troops hung back out of sight near the objectives, while the cavalry and the stormwolf rolled up on a single flank and prepared to close on the ork mek guns.

The orks spread accross the line, except for the dredds and the stormboyz who remained in reserve in orbit. The wolves failed to seize.

Orks 1 (14:00)
The speed freaks, battlewagon, and the bikes closed rapidly on the cavalry. The flash gitz leaned out of the wagon to vaporize one of the battle leaders in a brutal drive-by shooting (first blood).
The mek guns landed a pair of heavy hits on the stormwolf's engine, nearly knocking it from the skies...
The bikes, buggies, and wartrike brought down two of the cavalrymen in a hail of fire. The bikes then charged the remaining, but he held them off.
(CP remaining: Orks 4; Wolves 10)

Wolves 1 (14:36)
The storm wolf joined the fray, destroying one of the Mek Guns despite its barely-functional control system, as the passengers braced for an unconventional landing.
The remaining cavalry and HQs closed to destroy the bikes in the assault. The rune priest called the storm to obscure them and protect them somewhat from enemy fire.

Orks 2 (14:52)
The deff dredds teleported into the back line and began targetting the rhinos and the grey hunters inside. The storm boyz descended to intercept the cavalry who were closing on the mek guns, and the sky was thick with them.
The buggies closed on the cavalry, and the battle wagon closed on the back line troops.

the mek guns brought down the stormwolf. Most of the passengers survived the landing, and emerged from the wreckage howling their rage at the greenskins.
Fire from the ork forces brought down two of the wulfen.

The ork forces leapt to the assault. The trike warboss engaged the wolf lord only to be efficiently cut down. (Slay the Warlord)
The stormboyz and buggies charged into the wulfen. Several of the nearby HQs heroically intervened, including the battle leader who had been given the honor of wearing the Armor of Russ. Hoarfrost from the armor slowed the reactions of the boyz, allowing the space wolves to pulp many of them before they could get a swing off. But the remaining wulfen were still brought down.

The dredds charged into battle against the backline troops, with one of them destroying the rhino. Several grey hunters emerged from the hulk, trying to avoid the monstrosity.

Wolves 2 (16:12)
The intact rhino sped away from the dredd, and the cavalry and HQs engaged the remaining boyz and buggy.
The hunters near the other dredd leapt up into the ruins, trying to get out of the monstrosity's reach.
The Fenrisian heroes destroyed the scrapjet and nearly cut their way through the stormboyz, but a handful of the orks fought on.

Orks 3 (16:33)
The dredds closed on the fleeing rhino and destroyed it. Grey hunters emerged from the wreckage and continued to flee.
The Big Mek and battlewagon vaporized the Rune Priest in a hail of fire. The flash gitz similarly brought down the Wolf Lord. (Slay the Warlord)
The wolves finished off the storm boyz and closed on the dredds and mek guns.

Wolves 3 (16:56)
The remaining space wolves heroes charged into the assault, destroying one of the dredds and one of the mek guns.

Orks 4 (17:12)
The dredd near the tower, frustrated at being unable to climb stairs, gave up and began trudging toward the rest of the fray. The battlewagon swung around and gunned down some grey hunters.
One of the dredds charged the battle leader with the Armor of Russ, but the armor's hoarfrost curse again proved decisive as it was destroyed before it could attack.
The final Mek Gun was also destroyed in combat.

Wolves 4 (17:28)
The remaining grey hunters made a run for the objectives, while the remaining HQs destroy the remaining dredd and attempt to pin down the battlewagon so that it cannot make effective use of its guns.

Orks 5 (17:39)
The Flash Gitz, captain, and big mek deployed from their stuck wagon and killed three of the remaining space wolf HQs (showoffs!).
The big mek charged the cavalryman but failed to bring him down.

Wolves 5 (17:57)
The grey hunters made it to their objectives and hunkered down to secure the alien technology, called in their extraction.
Aiming to buy them time, the remaining battle leader charged into the flash gitz and brought many of them down with his thunder hammer, fighting twice to Honor the Chapter! The remaining gitz flee in the morale phase.

The game continued...

Orks 6 (18:11)
The battlewagon closed on the remaining WGBL and gunned him down.
Kaptain Badruk fired on the hunters securing the downed airplane, killing one.
The cavalryman and big mek continued to fight.

Wolves 6 (18:17)
The cavalryman and Big Mek continued their epic struggle, as the remaining Grey Hunters uttered a prayer to the allfather.

The game continued...

Turn 7 (18:20)
Badruk again fired on the grey hunters near the airplane, but one survived to hold the objective. The battlewagon fired on the hunters in the forest, but one survived there as well. Both passed their morale.
The cavalryman and Big Mek continued to trade blows.

The Space Wolves transport finally managed to fight its way through the ork-infested skies and recover the hunters and their artefacts. We only hope that when the data's analyzed a weakness can be found...

At the end, the Wolves held three objectives plus warlord and linebreaker. Orks had first blood and linebreaker.

2019-05-25, 2000pts, Space Wolves vs Orks