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Volkov, 2/23/19 09:56
2019-02-02, 1750pts, Space Wolves vs Orks

A 1750pt 8th edition kill point battle between the Space Wolves and the Orks. Do we need a reason?

Deployment (12:30)

The space wolves force was organized into two battalions, and consisted six minimal squads of grey hunters mounted in four assault cannon razorbacks and two rhinos; a wolf lord, a wolf priest, a rune priest, and two wolf guard battle leaders all equipped with jump packs; and father shitmas himself, resplendant on his sleigh.
The wolves deployed sort of castled up in the corner, with jump pack HQs and a festive sleigh advancing behind a wall of armed transports.

The Ork horde contained three squads of boyz, 3 kustom megacannon mek guns, two fighter jets and a bomber, a squad of flash gitz, a big mek, a weird boy, and captain badruk.
The ork horde crested the hill, stretching from flabk to flank almost as far as they eye could see. Smoke and staccato droning filled the sky as ramshackle jets crisscrossed the horizon. Badruk prepared himself in the tellyporta.

Space Wolves 1 (12:49)
The Space Wolves won the roll-off and took the first turn. The rune priest called the storm and cloaked the bulk of the column behind a cloud of psychic hoarfrost. The armored column swung around to attempt to flank the ork force and, as Father Shitmas rode down the line inspiring the brothers, opened fire on the close squad of boyz in the forest, reducing them by about half.

Orks 1 (13:03)
The jets closed on the wolves and opened fire on the lead armored elements, destroying a rhino (first blood!) and damaging a razorback. The decimated squad of boyz was reinforced by an unstoppable green torrent, and advanced into the forest under cover of one of the jets. The Mek Guns contributed to the destruction of the rhino.
Another squad of boyz advanced toward the armored column, taking cover behind some ruins.
The weirdboy Jumped the flash gitz to flank the column (taking a wound from the perils of the warp in the process), under the cover of the other two jets. They were quickly joined by Kaptin Badrunk, who teleported in from orbit to support them.
A handful of Grey Hunters were slain as their transport was destroyed, and the remainer were gunned down by massed fire from the jet and the flash gitz. The jump wolf lord found himself suddenly exposed by the elination of the rhino and the squads inside, but managed to deflect Badruk's shot with his storm shield.
The allfather smiled on the Wolves as the boyz in the forest failed their charge against the column.
Command Points - Wolves: 8; Orks: 5; Kill Points - Wolves: 0; Orks: 4

Wolves 2 (13:54)
The astartes column further consolidated into the orks' flank, putting distance between themselves and the flash gitz and attempting to obscure the firing lane of the mek guns. The warp displayed its fickle nature as all psychic activity failed.
Three of the remaining four squads of grey hunters emerged to help clear the boyz, and the razorbacks opened fire on the flash gitz and the closest jet.
The grey hunters and Father Shitmas charged into the squad of Boyz, wiping it out. Several of the jump characters leapt over the fray to bring the jet down with their mighty thunder hammers.
Two more flash gitz fled as the squad's morale broke under fire.

Orks 2 (14:33)
The jets conducted strafing and bombing runs, killing several grey hunters. One jet flew out of the theatre, but would soon return. A squad of boyz advanced toward the remaining grey hunters.
The weirdboy Jumped the third mob of boyz over to support Badruk and the remaining Flash Git.
Shooting damaged a razorback and further reduced the exposed grey hunters.
The boyz closed on the column and charged in, finishing off two of the exposed squads of hunters and destroying another rhino, then consolidating into a razorback to silence its assault cannons.
Command Points - Wolves: 8; Orks: 3; Kill Points - Wolves: 2; Orks: 7

Wolves 3 (15:18)
The razorbacks pulled back from the approaching boyz and opened fire on both squads, thinning them significantly. The surviving squad of grey hunters re-embarked in the lead razorback. Father Shitmas and the jump characters finished off a squad of boyz in combat.

Orks 3 (15:33)
The errant jet flew back into theatre, shooting up some of the transports. The weirdboy took cover behind a decorative moss rock. The mek guns were able to carefully line up a shot on Father Shitmas, and vaporized his sleigh. Rumor indicates that he was eventually recovered from the field and will one day ride again.
The flash git, kaptin, and boyz destroyed a razorback.
The boyz closed on the column and finished off another razorback in combat.
Command Points - Wolves: 7; Orks: 3; Kill Points - Wolves: 3; Orks: 10

Wolves 4 (15:54)
The remaining wolves' forces closed on the Mek Guns, trying to get close enough to silence them permanently. The rune priest once again summoned the storm to protect them. Shooting thinned the remaining boyz.

Orks 4 (16:05)
The bomber closed dangerously close to the wolves' column and unloaded. Shooting from the jets and ork guns destroyed the remaining razorbacks and spilled the last two squads of grey hunters into the exposed lanes of fire.
Command Points - Wolves: 4; Orks: 2; Kill Points - Wolves: 3; Orks: 12

Wolves 5 (16:19)
Psychic aegis failed. Shooting from the grey hunters further thinned the Boyz.
The jump characters suffered a costly momentary lapse of judgement as blood lust overcame them, and they leapt into the air to smash the bomber with their thunder hammers. They were successful, but the crash was devastating, killing several grey hunters and wounding all of the characters.

Orks 5 (16:32)
The mek guns shot up the closing wolf characters, and the weird boy smited one of the remaining grey hunters.
Command Points - Wolves: 3; Orks: 1; Kill Points - Wolves: 4; Orks: 14

Wolves 6 (16:38)
The remaining space wolf charatcers charged into the mek guns. I don't recall the result, but it didn't matter. The grey hunters fought to the last man, with the pack leader engaged valliantly for several rounds of combat against the nob.

The astartes were eventually tabled.
Command Points - Wolves: 1; Orks: 1; Kill Points - Wolves: 5?; Orks: 20+

Volkov, 2/23/19 09:56
Re: 2019-02-02, 1750pts, Space Wolves vs Orks

In the opening turns, I found that positioning was more difficult than I anticipated. I noticed making two errors: (1) the column was spread out too far such that two vehicles were out of range of the aegis of the Rune Priest's psychic storms. These vehicles were efficiently destroyed by the ork jets. And (2) some of the jump characters were a bit far forward, such that they were exposed to fire after the destruction of just one rhino (and the squad inside). I should be a bit more careful with those next time.

I also wonder if I was perhaps too timid in my assault? The column hung back and advanced slowly, aiming to increase the shooting time before collision with the ork lines. But it meant that the formidable close combat jump characters had nothing to do for most of the battle. The utility in this was fairly limited, as the orks have other ways to close (Da Jump, tellyporta, torrent...). Perhaps I should adopt a more Fenrisian posture in the future!

Re-reading this, I also think that I did not make sufficiently aggressive use of my command points in the early game. I'll try to keep that in mind.

Running Logan on his sleigh may have been an error? It did well against the boyz, but he (and his razorback-reroll aura) would have lasted longer on foot where he could take cover behind the transports. In this case, they were moving slowly enough that he would have been able to keep up on foot. I don't know.

The biggest mistake, of course, was engaging the explosive-laden bomber in combat with all of the characters, such that when it exploded it left most of them with just one wound. They were quickly eliminated by the orks after that fiasco. It would have been better to send in one Battle Leader to cripple it (or destroy it if he was lucky), perhaps. (In any case, it was at least hilarious.)

2019-02-02, 1750pts, Space Wolves vs Orks - Re: 2019-02-02, 1750pts, Space Wolves vs Orks