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John Smith's Character Sheet - Poem

John Smith, 5/31/17 09:37
John Smith's Character Sheet

John Smith
Human Druid 7
The 9th World

Str 10
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 17/19
Cha 16

Max HP: 35
Current: 25 = 2 negative levels
AC: 18 = 10 +6(armor) +2(shield)
Init: +0/+3 = (Orb)
Mv: 30'

BAB: +5
CMB: +5 = +5(bab)
CMD: 15 = 10 +5(bab)

F: +5(6) = 5+(1 cloak)
R: +2(3) = 1+(1 cloak)
W: +11(12) = 5+4 wis+2 feat +(1 cloak)
[+2 vs negative energy or death magic]
[Reroll 1 failed Will save/day]

Scimitar: +6, 1d6+1, (18-20)x2
Club: +5, 1d6 , 20 x2

1 H1 Iron Will
1 1 Improved Iron Will
2 [Ed] Gravemarked (+2 vs death & neg. energy)
3 [Ed] Firstmark (+2 climb/perception)
3 3 Eldritch Heritage: Fey
5 5 Craft Wondrous Item
7 7 Fast Empathry
7 [Ed] Eldritch Heritage: Stormborn

Laughing Touch (5/day)
Thunder Staff (5 rnds/day)
Lore Keeper (26)
Sudden Shift (7/day)
Remote Viewing (7rnds/day)
Wild Empathy (+10 animals/+5 Vermin)
Woodland Stride
Trackless Step
Resist Nature's Lure
Channel Domain Spells

Skills: ( 8 = (4(drd) +1(fav class) +1(human) +2(int) ) x7 levels
Climb 5 = 2r +3c
Diplomacy 11 = 3r +4a +3c +1t
Disguise 11 = 3r +3a +3c +2fm
Handle Animal 10 = 5r +3a +3c
Knowl(Geography) 6 = 1r +2a +3c
Knowl(Nature) 14 = 7r +2a +3c +2drd
Knowl(Planes) 8 = 3r +2a +3c
Knowl(Religion) 8 = 3r +2a +3c
Perception 11 = 4r +4a +3c
Sense Motive 17 = 7r +4a +3c +1t, +2fm
Spellcraft 12 = 7r +2a +3c
Survival 14 = 5r +4a +3c +2drd
Swim 5 = 2r +3c

[M]Cloak: Resitance (+1)
[M]Scimitar (+1) 4lb
[M]Darkwood Buckler (+1) 5lb
[M]Deathless Bone Breastplate (+1) 30lb
[M]Belt of Ant Haul
[M]Circulet of Wisdom (+2)
[M]Hood (Comprehend Languages,Speak with Animals)
[M]Mask of Disguise
[M]Boots of Longstriding
[M]Ring of Spell Knowledge: Sanctuary
[M]Dreamstone Mask (+1 Spellcraft)
[M]Ring of Mind Shielding
[M]Cocoon Robe

Club (3lb)
Backpack (2lb)
Waterskin (4lb)
Earring from Shingles
Potion: CMW x2

Gold: 6700

Stored with Una:
Giant sized staff of Bestow Curse
Wardrobe of Disguise


World Traveler (+1 Diplomacy and a class skill)
Suspicious (+1 Sense Motive and class skill)

1st-4(5) Comprehend languages, Disguise Self
2nd-3(4) Detect Thoughts, Mirror Image
3rd-2(3) Non Detection, Speak with Dead
4th-1(2) Divination, Confusion


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John Smith, 5/31/17 10:01

Four masks doth he wear,
Though five aspects does he bear.
The first and last mask be the same,
Tis' the nature of his reign.
The first is of leather plain,
The Seeker is this aspects name,
Knowledge to fill the blank slate,
And lead him to his final fate.
The next is the Jester's guise,
The Fool is master of all lies,
Deception is his favorite play,
Just like his kin the Fey.
It is verily said,
Where the Warrior doth tread,
Wearing the mask of stone and fear,
Terra's wrath is always near.
The Wanderer the next aspect be,
Power of the void, mask carved from a tree,
All of the Terra he doest roam,
To learn all the secrets of his home.
The True Emperor is the final Phase,
Enemies of Terra fear his gaze,
The circle complete, no secrets remain,
The mask of leather claims his domain.

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John Smith's Character Sheet - Poem