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40k campaign - Ed's troops - Tau Wall

John Smith, 2/19/17 13:05
40k campaign

The campaign will have three phases:
2)Siege War
3)Cities of Death

Jerry will be the attacker, I will be the defender. I figure Ed could play either side with the guard as I picture this as a corrupted planet with it's own guard forces. We could work something out with Tau as well if he wants. Perhaps Tau mercenaries, or they have some interest in the planet.

Choose a supreme warlord.
You get your normal warlord trait plus an additional warlord trait from planet strike. The warlord will get an additional warlord trait in stronghold assault and cities of death.

1st mission is Planetfall.

Points: 1250 or best offer.

The Battlefield:
Defender can place any number of fortifications on table. These cost no points and are not dilapidated. All buildings are claimed by defender. Once fortifications are set up, defender places the rest of terrain.

Defender can deploy anywhere on table.
Determine warlord and stratagems. Each player has 4 stratagem points.
Attacker selects any one table edge. Defender's edge is opposite this edge.

First Turn:
Attacker has first turn.

Primary Objectives:
6 objective markers, worth 3 points each if controlled at end of game.

Secondary Objectives:
Slay the Warlord, First Blood.

Mission Special Rules:
Firestorm: Start of 1st turn attacker gets D3 +number of buildings S9 AP3 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast, Orbital Attack, Warscape

Planetary Assault: Attackers roll reserves at start of 1st turn.

Scramble!:Reserve rolls start first turn. Roll D6
1-2 Defender's edge
3-4 Left or right of the attacker's edge (defender's choice)
5-6 Attackers edge.

Shock TacticS:
Deepstrike units can charge the same turn they arrive (Units that that disembark from a transport cannot charge the same turn they arrive). Infantry, Jetbikes, Skimmers gain Deepstrike. All others arrive as normal.

Mission Reserves:
Attacker: All units start in reserve
Defender: Any number in reserve, but one unit for each building/gun emplacemnet deployed.

Planetstrike Attacker Attachment:
Compulsory: 1 hQ
Optional: 2 HQ, 6 Troops, 6 elites, 6 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support

Command Benefits:
Ideal Mission Commander: Reroll on Planetstrike Warlord table

Invading Battle Force: Once, in each of your turns, you can choose one unit before making reserve rolls. You can choose to pass or fail the reserve rll for that unit automatically. (still must arrive on the 4th turn)

Offensive Strategy: If this is your primary detachment you have +1 Stratagem point to spend when selecting Planetstrike strategems.

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9thdm, 2/20/17 10:36
Ed's troops

I'm leaning more toward using the Tau. Itching to use the floating wall.

John Smith, 2/20/17 20:15
Tau Wall

You will have to put it together first. Please do not glue your fingers together.

40k campaign - Ed's troops - Tau Wall