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After Akhentepi (Story)

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After Akhentepi (Story)

You emerge from the Tomb of Akhentepi to the harsh midday sun. Laden with treasure you carefully make your way through the necropolis to the priests who awarded you the chip to explore the tomb.

Arriving at the Grand Mausoleum you are met with raised eyebrows and looks of mild disbelief. A young, but weathered priest, greets you and introduces himself as Nekhte. He explains several of the parties that went in did not return, and it was thought that you had met with a similar fate. He politely asks your party's name, your individual names, and if you could recount your exploration of the tomb for the records of temple.

Aharon introduces Enezib, then himself as Aharon, and identifies the group as the 'Jackals of the Dead'. He then eloquently recounts the party's trials and tribulations to Nekhte. Enezib punctuates the story with grunts as he displays the items found. At the appropriate point the story, Aharon removes his Anubian mask, pauses for all to see, and explains the brand upon his forehead. Replacing the mask, he then continues confidently until the story concludes.

Impressed by your tale and treasure, a mutually beneficial deal is quickly negotiated. In exchange for the historically important treasure, the temple will provide you with magical aid and purchase your treasure at a fair rate.

After business is concluded, Nekhte provides you with your next token. He informs you the second site is a walled, two-story mansion with surrounding grounds, which the Pharasmins believe belonged to some minor nobility of the city. As before, the priest's give you a sketched map detailing the site's location in the necropolis.

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After Akhentepi (Story)