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2017-01-07, 1000pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines - Commentary

Volkov, 1/15/17 11:48
2017-01-07, 1000pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines

A 1000pt battle between the Space Wolves and the Chaos Space Marines. The mission was something about the high ground from Cities of Death -- objectives. We played on a 4'x4' board packed with ruins. Both warlords were evidently chosen for their Conqueror of Cities expertise, giving both teams move-through-cover(ruins) and stealth(ruins).

Deployment (20:10)
The space wolves won the toss and grabbed one of the table corners with the high ground. Their force consisted of whirlwinds and razorbacks providing covering fire, small squads of blood claws and skyclaws holding objectives, and a vindicator and a squad of thunderwolf cavalry lead by an iron priest heading out to take it to the enemy.

The Chaos force was made up of two squads of plague marines, two squads of chaos space marines, a lascannon/missile hellbrute, a small squad of terminators, and a squad of raptors lead by a jump pack lord. Everything had Objective Secured due to some heretical bullshit. The raptors, lord, and terminators started in reserve. The hellbrute and the plague marines started out in a central ruin. The other marines prepared to make a charge for objectives.

...and then Chaos seized the initiative!

Chaos 1 (20:22)
Caught off guard by the enemy commander's bold maneuvers, the wolves were a bit out of position. Plague marines advanced relentlessly, firing on the cavalry, but failed to penetrate their power armor. The other traitor marines made a dash for ruins containing objectives. The helbrute fired on a whirlwind but failed to damage it through the ruins.
The Emperor seemed to be with the Wolves...

Wolves 1 (20:35)
The skyclaws and one of the razorbacks made for the second tall tower, trying to head off the squad of chaos marines that were approaching it.
The Iron Priest and his two cyberwolves split off from the rest of the cavalry and charged those same CSM, wiping them out and scoring FIRST BLOOD.
The rest of the cavalry charge the closest squad of plague marines, wiping them out with mighty thunderhammer and power first blows.
The Vindicator fired on the other plague marines in the ruin, but scattered onto the helbrute, stunning/crazing him.
So far, so good.

Chaos 2 (21:07)
Chaos drew objective #11: secure building 1.
The raptors+lord and terminators both arrived from reserve. The raptors came in behind the Vindicator and blew it up with their meltaguns.
The terminators came in by the second tall tower, threatening the skyclaws and razorback.
The helbrute and chaos space marines fired on the detached Iron Priest, wounding him and killing one of his cyberwolves.
The plague marines fired on the cavalry unit, killing the power first guy and causing them to fall back to my side of the board!

Wolves 2 (21:31)
Wolves drew objective #41, hold a building of the enemy's choice. Mark picked building 4, which I think was the one his Helbrute was sitting on.
The Skyclaws head up the chain on the double to control the second tall building, but don't quite reach the objective marker.
Supporting fire from the whirlwinds and razorbacks kills 2 of the raptors.
The IP rejoins the cavalry, but fail their charge against the terminators!

Chaos 3 (21:44)
Chaos drew objective #25 (hold building 5). The remaining raptors and chaos lord jumped to the roof of tall building 1, contesting the blood claws there. The remaining chaos marines went for building 5, but not quite reaching it. Plague marines advanced toward the tall buildings to support the raptors, and killed another of the cavalry. The Helbrute wounded one of the cavalry.

The Termis started climbing toward the skyclaws, then charged, wiping them out and controlling the second tall building! I think this gave him a point for building 1.

Wolves 3 (22:07)
Wolves drew objective #16 (control building 6), which the. Supporting fire was largely ineffective. Blood claws made for building 5, to deny chaos his objective. The remaining cavalry tried to remove the terminators, but in a catastrophic tactical miscalculation it turned out that they could not assault as there was no room to get into base contact!

Chaos 4 (22:18)
Chaos drew objective #44: capture the castle (building closest to enemy table edge). This was the ruin that was being contested by the raptors and the blood claws. The Plague Marines moved in to assist. The terminators climbed to consolidate their hold on building 1. The raptors charged the blood claws, nearly wiping them out but with one stubborn lad remaining to contest it. The helbrute destroyed a razorback, but two chaos marines were killed in the explosion. The blood claws passed their pinning test and advanced on them.

Wolves 4 (22:38)
Wolves drew objective #55: cripple the vanguard (destroy enemy FA unit). The raptors would suffice.
Supporting fire killed one terminator.
TWC charged the CSM near objective 5, wiping them out.
The raptors finished off the last blood claw, but the lord took a wound! They then consolidated up into the tower.

Chaos 5 (22:47)
Chaos drew objective #53: streets of death (destroy enemy unit in open ground). The Helbrute killed the remaining blood claws, scoring it.
The raptors damaged a whirlwind with their meltagun, and then the plague marines finished it off in the assault.
Chaos scored d3 (3) points for controlling both tall buildings, and the "castle" card because the raptors were in the building closest to my board edge.

Wolves 5 (23:00)
Wolves drew objective #13: building 3
Remaining whirlwind killed one raptor. The TWC spite-charged the plague marines, losing one of their number, busting morale, and winding up 1" away from the table edge! Ignominy!

Mercifully, the game ended there. A resounding victory for Chaos!

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Volkov, 1/15/17 11:51

I really thought I had it after the first turn. I was feeling bad even, with my overpowered cavalry wiping the floor with his marines left and right. But then I really got stomped. I don't know quite what happened. Not being able to get the big-base cavalry up into the ruins was a big deal, I wasted some time with that.
He had exactly two threatening units, and they each deepstriked (deepstruck?) in near a key objective and then took it. Very professional. Mark did a great job with an old-school army.

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2017-01-07, 1000pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines - Commentary