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2017-01-07: The Tomb of Akhentepi

Enezib, 1/8/17 18:14
2017-01-07: The Tomb of Akhentepi

20170107 session 1

Our history is something like ... raiding the same desert temple of the old gods, oracle's party fled leaving him dying behind... in the aftermath enezib found him and was setting up to eat him, threw him on an altar... flash of light and he was brought back. Gnoll was impressed, took him for a prophet of the old gods, they went around together after that. Tought each other their languages, etc.
Ed's guy's name is Aharan.

In the lottery, we draw the tomb of Akhentepi (#23 on the map).
We enter the necropolis and head to the tomb...

20x40 mousaleum, doors partially covered by sand.
Don't see any tracks, but, it might be hard to see.
Aharon reads some ancient ossirian writing on the doors: "Akhentepi, born 2416, died 2488" (11 years before the plague).
Enezib shovels sand away from the doors with his pot. notices the doors have concealed hinges and open outward. They've been chipped away at, looks like. Someone had opened the doors before. Takes about an hour to clear the sand.
We open the door but it takes a while. No handles on the inside either. We spike the door.
No tracks inside.
There's a vault door.
Heiroglyphics on the walls...Akhentepi was a military commander, his tomb is well defended, turn back while you can.
Aharan lights a lantern.
Some stone masks on the wall.
Gnoll tries to roll the door. Together we can move it. Spike it open.
Door opens a room, 10x10 shaft in the middle.
Small scorpion enters from outside. Enezib's bite does the killing blow.
He positions the scorpion in the shadows so maybe it'll startle anyone sneaking up on us.

There's a rotting rope already pitoned in the shaft. 60' down to the bottom. Piton is still sound, we tie off 60' of rope there. (90' left).
Enezib heads down first.
Walls are sheer, would be a hard climb.
Another set of doors. There's a body crumpled at the door. mostly skeletal. Broken legs.
3 pitons, hammer, 2 alchemist's fire. He fell?
More images of Akhentepi.
Search the door, not trapped.
Open the doors. 10' corridor, another set of double doors at the end. Pressure plate and darts. pressure plate reset. Aharan tries to disable. We get hit again. Aharon heals. trap resets again. Aharon disarms it.
Search the door... open it. 20x20 room with 2 other exits. Tapestry, suggests family tragedy. Stairs down to either side.
Chariot and chest room. Search the chest, found a poisoned blade trap.
*We just take the chest instead of trying to disarm the trap. chest itself looks valuable.
Chariot old...might be worth something but hard to get out.
Masks on the wall, gods. Masks are gold-plated, we take them.
We enter the next room, some toy soldiers animate and attack us.
Rage and kill one. AoO kills one as it chases Ed. Finishes the other off.
-2 rounds of rage.
Scarab shaped small steel shield is magical. Aharon takes.
*Mwk Khopesh, Mwk Spear. Comp shortbow w/o string.
*Chests...sealed with locks, not trapped. Open and silver... 6 scrolltubes, ancient writings, legers, etc. scrolls 250gp to a collector
*Sealed clay urn....75gp perfume "Nard".

The otehr set of stairs...
mirror room, tall statues of pharasma and anubis. Doors slightly ajar. Tracks in the dust between the east and west doors.
mirror is magical. Aharon looks...faces are reflected back disapprovingly. likeness of tepi behind us. Heiroglypics burned into his forehead as he looks at the says "thief"...
alter room, stairs down...stairway wall collapsed by mole rats or something.

giant solophagids, like giant spiders. Enezib drops one. Aharon takes a bite. Kills the other one. Aharon heals again.
Alter is an anubisian embalmbing table.

Down the stairs... some kind of sand snake elemental thing attacks enezib. He rages and hits it. Aharan creates water over it; it's slowed. It hits enezib solidly. Enezib drops it. Aharan heals.
3 rounds of rage left.

we retreat to the anubis room, block the door up, rest and recover. Continue on.
Locked doors. Aharan opens one.
Some scarabs.
use one round of rage, 6 left.
Aharan heals.
More locked doors. Piton the middle set open.
Octagon room. One door. Raised platform, gold sarcaphagus.
Detect magic...nothing.
platform is trapped.
we set it off trying to disarm...door slams shut... sarcophagus starts to move...stands up...
southern door opens, room starts filling with water.
Rage, try to chop through the door. Arahan heals.
rage rounds -2. 2" water.
burning effect...
it hits enezib
water 6"
grapples enezib into the sarcaphagus.
Ed looks out the other door, water coming in.
12" water
rage rounds -3
2' water
water stops.
rage rounds -4
Aharon evades it as it's slow.
Enezib breaks the sarcaphagus open.
rage rounds -5, 1 left.
finish breaking open the door.
water eventually drains.
we search...find two secret doors out of the octagon room. We go east...
"to make a long story short" two rooms, one full of chests and urns.
* 2 vials silversheen, 10 cold iron arrows, mwk longbow, 50gp gold scarab clasp, onyx/silver holy symbol pharasma 100gp, silver mirror 35gp, another 75gp nard.

trapped door...summons a swarm...the shield protecets him, swarm refuses to enter his square...goes after enezib...misses and retreats...burning fades, was summoned. Open the door...
iron cobra...saved the poison...
faigued ....
finally take it down.
*funary mask 500gp, magic padded, 500gp, darkwood coffer 50gp, 2 potions, 70gp lapis/carnelian pendant, semiprecious stones 55gp.
XP: 3700 each
Take this shit out to identify and sell.
padded armor +1, staunching. 1/day free action +3 insight to initiative, sell for 2695gp
light steel shield +1, 1/day command +2 saves vs fear/death for 3 minutes, can end it to heal 1d8+3 swift action, swarm must dc11 will save or fail to enter for 3 rounds (like sancntuary, if you attack it it ends the effect).

2x potion darkvision, potion lesser resto, 2x CLW

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2017-01-07: The Tomb of Akhentepi