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Feat Rules

John Smith, 1/3/17 20:30
Feat Rules

We are using some of the alternate rules Ed presented in E6 for feats:

Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim, and Power Attack no longer exist, and are removed as a prerequisite for any other feats. Instead, the benefits of these feats are combat option open to all characters.

Point Blank Shot no longer exists; any feat which lists it as a prereq now requires Precise Shot instead (except, obviously, for Precise Shot itself.)

Weapon Finesse is no longer a feat; instead, all weapons the feat would normally apply to gain the 'finesse' quality, which allows a wielder to use their Dex bonus to hit if they so choose.

Agile Maneuvers no longer exists; instead, one adds their Dex bonus to their CMB when using a finesse weapon, and their Str bonus on all other weapons.

Dodge now gives the benefits of both the Dodge and Maneuverability feats; as such, Maneuverability is no longer a separate feat.

Deft Maneuvers (new!) replaces the Improved Trip, Improved Disarm, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Feint, Improved Reposition, and Improved Steal feats, granting a +2 bonus on checks with these maneuvers and becoming the prereq for the relevant Greater combat maneuver feats.

Powerful Maneuvers (new!) replaces the Improved Bull Rush, Improved Drag, Improved Overrun, and Improved Sunder feats and functions in a similar manner to Deft Maneuvers above.

Feat Rules