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2016-08-20, 3000pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons

Volkov, 8/26/16 22:55
2016-08-20, 3000pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons

A 3000pt battle between the Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons. The mission was Crusade with Dawn of War deployment and using the shipping containers as mysterious objectives.

Deployment (11:45)
The Space Wolves force was made up of a wolf priest attached to a large squad of blood claws in a land raider, a thunderwolf mounted wolf lord and iron priest attached to thunderwolf cavalry squads, Logan Grimnar on Stormrider (aka "Father Shitmas"), three squads of blood claws in razorbacks, a lone wolf, a landspeeder typhoon, a stormwolf, two whirlwinds, and three squads of long fangs.

The Chaos force was made up of typhus and 3 squads of zombies, plague drones, plaguebearers, nurglings, obliterators, three flying daemon princes agumented with various Gifts and biomancy powers, and two heralds, lead by a great unclean one ("Golgathic the shit daemon").

The Wolves won the roll-off and deployed first. Just the stormwolf was held in reserve while everything else deployed. Lascannon long fangs occupied ruins off-center, while missile launcher fangs dug in in a crater near the center. Razorbacks took up defensive positions behind the ruins, while the land raider, cavalry, and Father Shitmas positioned themselves in the center, ready to intercept any threats.

Chaos deployed zombies near objectives, plague drones in the ruins, with princes skulking in jump mode in another ruin. Typhus, the obliterators, plaguebearers, nurglings, and Golgathic himself remaned in reserve.

Wolves 1 (12:35)
The Lone Wolf moved into contact with an crate (objective) and popped it open, but found nothing of note. Cavalry spread out a bit to try to interfere with deep strikers. The whirlwinds targteted plague drones but failed to wound any. Long Fangs targetted the daemon princes but only managed one wound on one of them (through the 2+ cover save from shrouded daemons in ruins). The land speeder and razorbacks managed to kill a few zombies. Not a great start!

Chaos 1 (12:56)
The eastern squad of zombies popped open their container and released a caged Xenos crature, which promptly ate four of them (equaling the damage inflicted by my turn 1!). The plague drones and princes advanced toward the wolves lines (a drone took a wound from dangerous terrain).
The western zombies found a shield generator (4++) in their crate, and huddled around it. (That's a lot of 4++ zombies!)
The Princes enhanced themselves with various psychic powers (endurance, warp speed). The wounded prince healed himself via life leech on some long fangs. Surprisingly, some long fangs denied Iron Arm on one of the princes through sheer orneriness. Drones shot at missile fangs but their power armor & faith in the emperor protected them. Hellfire gaze from a prince killed a less faithful long fang ancient.

Wolves 2 (13:30)
The stormwolf made its reserve roll and zoomed on, targeting the daemon princes.
The speeder took out a couple of zombies. The whirlwinds didn't do any damage. Concentrated fire from long fangs, the land raider, and the Stormwolf killed one daemon prince (FIRST BLOOD) and took two wounds off of another one.
I probably should have moved some of my guys back away from the drones? I was thinking that the missile fangs and speeder would screen the land raider, and I didn't want to snap shot with the fangs.

Chaos 2 (13:54)
Everything made their reserve rolls. The huge squad of plaguebearers materialized right in the center, without scatter thanks to the banner the drones were carrying. Nurglings emerged behind one of my ruins on one side.
Typhus and two obliterators struck in near the Lone Wolf, while the remaining princes jumped up into the ruins near the Long Fangs, and the drones also advanced. The drones released another xenos creature from a crate, which wounded one of them before they put it down.
The wounded prince healed 1W from life leech, killing another long fang. The princes buffed up again with warp speed, endurance. Miraculously, iron arm was blocked again.
The nurgling herald slew a cyberwolf with plague wind. The other herald (attached to the plaguebearers) killed two missile long fangs, who went to ground. Fire from the drones killed another fang. a prince shoots a razorback with some piece of wargear, but only shakes it.

The drones charged into the missile fangs, exchanged a few wounds, and then the remaining two missile fangs ran back out of combat.
The princes charged in, finishing off a squad of long fangs and a razorback. Blood claws stumbled from the wreck and headed toward the protection of Father Shitmas.

Wolves 3 (14:54)
The remaining razorback on the east side was bottled in, and tank-shocked through Typhus's squad to try to escape. It and the land raider converged on the eastern ruin in chaos's deployment zone to engage the zombies and their objective.
Everything in the center moved away from the great unclean one.
Long fangs and a razorback killed a drone and wounded another. The whirlwinds, missile long fangs, and land speeder killed a few plaguebearers.

The wolf lord and his cavalry charged a prince, to a drawn combat (1W each). Father Shitmas charged the other prince again to a drawn combat (1W each). The Iron Priest and other squad of cavalry moved around to the far side of the nurglings, then engaged them, killing 4 bases in exchange for one wound. The Lone Wolf charged Typhus and the obliterators, took a wound from melta overwatch on the way in and was slain by typhus after wounding an obliterator.
I should have ganged up on one of his units over in the east with all three of my units, instead of going mano-a-mano. I figured my overpowered melee units totally had this. Turns out not to be the case.

Chaos 3 (15:51)
Typhus detached from the obliterators and moved toward Shitmas. The plaguebearers killed another long fang with plague wind. One of the princes got warp speed up; the other finally managed to get Iron Arm up. GUO got iron arm up, and killed a long fang with smite, leaving one. The obliterators finished off the whirlwind in the east corner.

I had thought that I was far enough away from the Great Unclean One, but Mark played a very slick move. The daemon attached to the (much faster) unit of drones, who were then able to slingshot him into combat using their greater movement. I did not see that coming.

The plaguebearers failed a charge against the long fangs in the ruins. The drones charged in to rescue the nurglings, and the S10 GUO was just close enough to fight and made short work of the wolf cavalry. Typhus charged in to the Shitmas/Prince combat and Shitmas went down. The other prince wounded some wolf cavalry and they failed to hit him back. Not looking good.

Wolves 4 (16:28)
I was feeling a little thin here all of a sudden. The Stormwolf went into hover mode, swung around, and wounded Typhus. Shooting from the typhoon, missile long fang, and whirlwind killed some more plaguebearers.

The Land Raider and Razorback closed in on the zombies, wiping them out and freeing up the objective. The cavalry took some more unanswered wounds from the prince in combat.

Chaos 4 (16:56)
The GUO detached and moved back up toward the objective in the center. A couple of the disembarked blood claws were killed by a plague wind. Prince got endurance, other prince got warp speed, GUO got iron arm.
The oblits took two hull points off of the razorback near where the zombies used to be, but it was still up. The drones shot at the remaining missile long fang, but didn't bring him down. The free prince and typhus charge into the wolf cavalry / other prince combat and wipe out the wolves (SLAY THE WARLORD).

The plaguebearers charged the land speeder and wrecked it. (oops, probably shouldn't have left that right there)
The nurglings charged up the stairs into the lascannon long fangs, but neither side did any damage.
The drones charged the solo missile long fang and slew him.

Wolves 5 (17:31)
It could be the last turn, so I positioned my razorback (with 5 obsec guys inside) on the zombieless objective. The other razorback took the center objective, but they wouldn't be able to hold it for long as the GUO and drones and plaguebearers were close.
I was running out of guys at this point, but as a sort of hail mary for turn 6, I re-embarked the blood claws in the land raider and they headed toward the center objective. If I could get rid of the plaguebearers, my giant blob of obsec troops might be able to hold it against the GUO and drones for a turn. Fire from the whirlwind, razorback, and land raider thinned them out but there were still three left.

The stormwolf hovered in VERY CLOSE to the oblits, contesting their objective.
My other (walking) blood claws charged typhus and died. (not sure what they were thinking there. Might have been a bit drunk.)
The nurgling/longfang combat continued.

Chaos 5 (17:48)
The GUO, plaguebearers, and drones moved in on the center objective. The Princes started moving for the objectives held by the razorback and stormwolf, but wouldn't make it this turn. One of the princes failed iron arm. GUO got it. Other prince failed warp speed. One of the princes finished off the razorback on the no-more-zombies eastern objective, but the blood claws got out onto the objective.

The GUO destroyed the razorback on the center objective, but the troops inside got out and still controlled it (plaguebearers were a bit far away). The drones assault-jetpack-moved closer to the objective.

I think that if the game had ended at this point I had it (2 objectives to 1), but, it was not to be...

Wolves 6 (18:00)
Reinforcements to the center objective arrived from the land raider (they had to run), and I had another dozen obsec guys on it. The stormwolf shot the remaining oblit off of the objective and claimed it. I still had a chance.
The whirlwind wounded a drone.

Chaos 6 (18:20)
The princes moved in on the two eastern objectives (stormwolf and blood claws). Prince killed a blood claw with smite, but went go to ground and saved one other guy. 4 left.
GUO failed iron arm but got warp speed. GUO smote the smaller squad of claws on the center objective, but took a wound from perils. The plaguebearer's herald killed a few claws from the larger squad with a witchfire. Plague wind scattered off the claws. Shooting from the drones killed 3 more.
One of the princes destroyed the stormwolf and gained control of that objective. The other prince charged in on the blood claws on the zombiless NE objective, but didn't quite manage to kill them all (so I still controlled that one).

Everything charged in to the center, killing several blood claws, but the plaguebearers and claws were both close enough that it was contested.
The nurglings finished off the lascannon long fangs in the ruin.

Game continued again! Just merciless!

Currently 1-2 on objectives, but I played my turn 7 because if I could somehow manage to get rid of those plaguebearers, and the prince failed to kill the 2 blood claws he was fighting, it might be 2-2 again...

Wolves 7 (19:00)
...But such miracles were not in store for today. Whirlwind and land raider didn't manage to finish off the plaguebearers.
And the pricne slew the blood claws in the NE, taking the objective.

The End (19:06)
Wolves concede.
Shit Daemon: 4 objectives, warlord and linebreaker.
Shitmas: first blood, a landraider, and a whirlwind.

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2016-08-20, 3000pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons