40k Battles -- 2016-06-26, 1500pts, Allied Wolves & CSM vs allied Tau & Tyranids (1 posts)

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2016-06-26, 1500pts, Allied Wolves & CSM vs allied Tau & Tyranids

Volkov, 7/10/16 09:35
2016-06-26, 1500pts, Allied Wolves & CSM vs allied Tau & Tyranids

An 1500ish-pt battle between the heretically allied forces of Space Wolves (perhaps part of Skyrar Vulfbad's treacherous band) & Chaos Space Marines, and Xenos scum (Tyranids and Tau). The mission was Purge the Alien.

The heretics force was made up of: a cavalry lord, skyclaws, grey hunters in a pod, murderfang in a pod, two whirlwinds; a flying daemon prince, a helldrake, and two squads of obliterators. The Xenos force included crisis suits, stealth suits, kroot, fire warriors, a broadside; a flyrant, a tervigon, a carnifex, 'gaunts, warriors, and a burrowing thing.

Deployment (10:45)
Heretics won first turn and deployed whirlwinds into cover behind some ruins in a corner, wolf lord and skyclaws behind some ruins in the center, and the daemon prince gliding in some ruins. The pods, the oblits, and the helldrake were in reserve.

The Xenos deployed crisis, croot, and the broadside into some ruins in a corner, the fire warriors in the killing field opposite the whirlwinds, and the tyranid swarm in the center behind some ruins. The burrowing thing went into reserve. The tau commander and her stealth suits infiltrated into no-mans-land, giving the wolf lord a comicallywide berth. Everyone was careful to stay 12" away from everyone else.

Then the Xenos seized the initiative!

Turn 1 (11:15)
The flurant advanced and fired his devourer on the wolf lord, scoring a wound on him and a dead skyclaw. The broadside took a wound off the Daemon, then went back to looking up for that helldrake. Some psychic powers slid off the daemon. Shadowsun was out of range. The fire warriors advanced toward the whirlwinds.

A drop pod slammed down in the enemy deployment zone, and The Murderfang emerged to bake some bugs with his flamer. The wolf lord, skyclaws, and daemon advanced. The daemon girded himself with Iron Arm, acored a warp surge, and enfeebled the canrifex. Barrages from the whirlwinds killed several 'gaunts. The wolf lord split off from the skyclaws, but then they both failed their charges against the tyranid warriors. The prince made his charge against the carnifex and slew it (first blood +1KP), and a few 'gaunts with the Black Mace.

Turn 2 (12:15)
The burrowing thing didn't come in. Flyrant tried a nova but was denied and took a wound from perils. Tervigon fired a template at the daemon but only managed to kill some guants. Flyrant fired on the wolf lord again, but he was protected by his Runic Armor. Warriors fired on the skyclaws but did no damage. Rear armor barrages from the crisis suits took two hull points of of Murderfang. The fire warriors managed to glance one of the whirlwinds.

The Broadside missed the wolf lord, then went back to looking for that helldrake. The warriors charged the skyclaws and fought to a tied combat (3 skyclaws and 1.5 warriors down).

Both squads of obliterators arrived from reserves, as did the helldrake. The second pod did not. The helldrake and one squad of obliterators shot up shadowsun's squad, and the other oblits shot up the kroot and crisis suits (with plasma cannon scatters). The kroot broke and ran off the table (+1KP). The whirlwinds backed away from the fire warriors while killing a few more gaunts. The wolf lord charged in and finished shadowsun and her squad off (+2KP +warlord). The daemon fought the tervigon.

Turn 3 (14:00)
The burrowing thing still didn't show up. A nova from the flyrant was denied. Broadside fired on the long-awaited 'drake, forcing a jink but scoring no damage. Fire warriors failed to hit the whirlwinds. Barrage from the crisis team kileld an obliterator. The Daemon finished off the tervigon (+1KP). Syanptic backlash from its death finished off the 'gaunts (+1KP). The warriors finished off the remaining skyclaw (1KP for the xenos).

Pod didn't come in from reserve. Daemon failed some psy against the flyrant. Iron Arm was denied! Whirlwinds targetted the fire warriors but they went to ground and were not wiped out. Oblits killed the broadside. The other oblits missed the flyrant.
The wolf lord charged in to avenge the skyclaws, and slew the warriors.

Turn 4 (14:30)
The burrowing thing (Trygon Prime) arrived and shot ineffectively at some obliterators. The flyrant shot the daemon and took a wound off. Barrage wounds an obliterator.

Xenos concede.

2016-06-26, 1500pts, Allied Wolves & CSM vs allied Tau & Tyranids