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2016-06-25, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Tyranids

Volkov, 7/10/16 08:04
2016-06-25, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Tyranids

A 750pt battle between Space Wolves and Tyranids. The mission was Purge the Alien.

The Space Wolves force was made up of two minimal squads of grey hunters each mounted in rhinos and accompanied by a tempestas rune priest, a squad of lascannon long fangs, and a squad of plasma cannon long fangs. The tyranids force included several groups of termagaunts, a carnifex, a tervigon, some swarmy things, a biovore, and a flying hive tyrant. Warlord traits were useless (reserve manipulation in a game with no reserves, or something like that).

Deployment (13:10)
The Wolves won first turn and deployed with the Long Fangs in ruins and the rhinos hiding a bit out of sight in the same ruins. The tyranid swarm deployed accross the opposing edge. The Flyrant was on the board in gliding (skimmer) mode in partial cover behind a ruin.

Turn 1 (13:25)
The lascnanon long fangs targetted the gliding flyrant and managed two wounds. The plasma cannon long fangs were out of range. The rhinos advanced. Good start.

The flyrant aggressively advanced on the lascannon long fangs. The tervigon spawned 10 additional gaunts. Catalyst on the tyrant was denied. Paroxysm affected the Long Fangs (-1BS, but they would be shooting snap shots anyway). The tyrant targetted the lascannon long fangs with his Devourer, and killed them all! 1KP and first blood. Better start.

Turn 2 (13:45)
The rhinos advanced and fired psychic and plasma snap shots at the Flyrant, managing one wound (but not grounding it). The plasmagun GH in one of the rhinos cooked himself. The rhinos (right next to the flyrant) popped smoke. The remaining long fangs were not in range of anything.

The tervigon spawned two more 'gaunts but rolled doubles, putting an end to its spawning. The tyrant got catalyst off on himself and paroxysm on the rhino with the remaining plasmagun guy.

The flyrant targetted the plasma cannon long fang squad and killed all but one guy, who passed his morale.

Turn 3 (14:10)
Rhinos ineffectually chased the flyrant around. Plasma cannon guy took a shot at it with his bolt pistol. The remaining plasmagun guy cooked himself.

The flyrant catalyzed himself again and removed 2HP from a rhino. The other 'nids moved up a bit.

Turn 4 (14:30)
Rhinos chased the flyarnt around some more, managing no wounds. One of the rune priests took a wound from perils. Plasma cannon guy hid in the ruins to try to protect his KP.

Catalyst was denied. The flyrant wrecked one of the rhinos (another KP), forcing guys to disembark. The carnifex fired a devourer at the disembarked marines, killing one (the only one in line of sight). Other 'nids advanced.

Turn 5 (14:50)
Wolves' psychic phase ineffective. Bolter fire from the disembarked guys finally managed to bring down the tyrant. (1KP+warlord)
Nids' psy was blocked.
"Cluster spines" targetted the GHs but scattered onto a rhino and did no damage. Biovores killed the disembarked infantry (+1KP) and put a wound on the warlord rune priest.

Turn 6 (15:10)
Witchfires from the wolves were denied. The second squad disembarked behind their rhino, their rune priest shrouded them and energized his Force axe. Bolter fire wounded the swarm of swarmy things.
Tyranids closed in from every direction. One of the 'nids perils and got the 3++. Shooting removed the remaining infantry and rune priest (+2KP).


The game ended with the wolves having just a rhino left. The score was 8-2 or something like that. Crushing Tyranid victory!

I really need to get some anti-air. I was chasing that one unit around all game. Maybe I should have tried bolters earlier? The guys are just so vulnerable outside of their rhino...
This is the second or third game in a row where I set up plasma cannon guys in the back and they never got range on anything. I should learn from that.
I see some appeal in the smaller games (750pts) -- it moved along at a good clip; we could have gotten another game in if we wanted to.

2016-06-25, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Tyranids