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2016-04-02, 2000pts, Space Wolves vs allied Chaos Marines & Traitor Guard - comments

Volkov, 4/4/16 17:28
2016-04-02, 2000pts, Space Wolves vs allied Chaos Marines & Traitor Guard

This was a 2000pt 7th edition battle between Space Wolves and the allied forces of Chaos Space Marines (Nurglesque) and Traitor Guard. The scenario was The Scouring (six random-valued objectives with kill points for fast attack slots) with dawn of war deployment.

Deployment (13:30)
The Space Wolves won the roll and chose to deploy first. An advance squad of battle-hardened Long Fangs took up position in a crumbling ruin (on an objective) on the outskirts of the abandoned town, and sighted down their lascannons.
They were protected by their Ancient in terminator armor, and accompanied by Lone Wolf Brynjolf Gunnarsen (who had anticipated that a chaos flanking force might target the Fangs).

The rest of the Wolves force prepared for orbital deployment: two squads of grey hunters in drop pods, Murderfang and one other dreadnought in drop pods, Ulrik (wolf priest hero) and two tempestas rune priests accompanied by some wolf guard in a drop pod, two more tempestas rune priests and two more lone wolves, all in TDA, preparing to teleport in.

The Chaos forces deployed on the other side of the field. A line of Plague Zombies stretched across half of the board opposite the Long Fangs, positioned to head toward two objectives. A Land Raider and two corrupted Russ tanks formed a wall on the other side, and advanced providing cover to two squads of Plague Marines behind them. Typhus and an escort of mutilators were mounted in the land raider.
Two Basilisk artillery vehicles cowered behind some ruins in the far corner, with the ruins occupied by a veteran squad on the objective.
A squad of storm troopers waited in reserve.

We generated the point value of the objectives, and discovered that the 4pt objective was in the ruins with the vets and the basilisks, a 3pt was in in an unoccupied tall tower across from them (with a 1pt in the no-mans-land between), a 3pt objective was in the center ruins the zombies were going for, and a 2pt objective was in both the Long Fangs' ruins and the Zombies ruins opposite them.

The wolves elected to make Chaos take the first turn.

Chaos Turn 1 (14:00)
One group of Zombies advanced to solidify their hold on the 2pt objective in the Chaos deployment zone. The other squad advanced slowly toward the 3pt objective in the center ruins. The wall of tanks advanced flat-out, using the central ruins as cover against the Long Fangs. One squad of plague marines followed them.
The other squad of plague marines took up position inside the ruins near the vet squad and the basilisks, approaching the 4pt objective.

The Basilisks fired a volley at the Long Fangs, but the Allfather smiled and the shells landed harmlessly in a nearby field.

Wolves Turn 1 (14:40)
The greying sky was slashed by the Claws of Russ as three drop pods scorched through the air and slammed into the ground near the Basilisks and the 4pt objective. Deathwind Missle vollies from the pods shot into the ruins, killing a few guardsmen and a plague marine.

Murderfang and the Wolf Guard, Rune Priests, and Ulrik stormed out of their drop pods to hose down the Plague Marines with promethium and combi-plasmas.

The second dreadnought emerged from the third pod, and his multi-melta plus psychic attacks from the rune priests destroyed one basilisk and managed a lucky hit on the other, destroying its Earthshaker cannon. Ulrik took a superficial wound in the explosion.

Chaos Turn 2 (14:55)
The storm troopers splashed down at the base of a tower with a 3pt objective at the top. They had scattered a bit and ran for the tower.
The groups of zombies consolidated on the 2pt objective opposite the Long Fangs, and closed on the 3pt in the ruins in the center.

The Plague Marines consolidated their hold on the 4pt objective and fired on the wolf guard, but their storm shields protected them.
The tanks fired on the wolves' drop pod forces, but scattered into some nearby guardsmen. (Such are the rewards of Heresy.)
One of the pods (not the FA pod) took a glancing hit from the land raider.

Wolves Turn 2 (15:35)
The Allfather continued to smile, as all Space Wolf units arrived from reserves without disastrous scatter. Deathwind missiles targeted the Plague Marines squad out in the field, and squads of Grey Hunters swarmed out of their pods. Lone Wolves closed in on the Land Raider. Two more Rune Priests in terminator armor teleported in near the plague marines as well. The Lone Wolf near the Long Fangs started heading toward the 3pt objective in the center ruins.

The priests near the 4pt objective destroyed the remaining guardsmen for FIRST BLOOD. Fire from the drop pods, dreadnoughts and wolf guard thinned out the plague marines in those ruins. Murderfang then assaulted and finished off the remaining plague marines. Ulrik's squad assaulted the remaining Basilisk, and destroyed it. This left the Wolf Guard in control of the 4pt objective.

Deathwind Missile volleys, Psychic attacks from the newly arrived Rune Priests, and plasma fire from a squad of grey hunters wiped out the squad of plague marines in the center near the tanks.
The other squad of Grey Hunters immobilized the Land Raider with their meltaguns. The Warlord Rune Priest attached to the meltagun squad.

Chaos Turn 3 (16:09)
The Zombies in the center dug in on their objective. The Storm Troopers started climbing the tower toward the 3pt objective at the top, and took the opportunity to shoot down at the Grey Hunters below -- they slew the only one they could see, who happened to be carrying the Wolf Standard!
Fire from the Russ tanks took out most of the grey hunters in the plasmagun squad.
Fire from the land raider took a hull point off of the dreadnought.

Typhus and his Mutilators charged out of their immobilized Land Raider into the meltagun squad of grey hunters. Typhus challenged the Wolves warlord, who declined to give him the satisfaction. Typhus then scythed himself, but made his FNP.

All grey hunters were slain in the combat; the Warlord busted morale and made a (rather convenient) tactical withdrawal into the base of the tower near the storm troopers. Typhus' squad consolidated toward the tower to chase the Warlord.

Wolves Turn 3 (16:40)
The remaining grey hunters closed on the tower, firing on the storm troopers through the windows in the tower. Murderfang advanced toward the tanks and the center ruins, while the other dreadnought closed on the immobilized Land Raider. The Lone Wolf near the Long Fangs continued to advance toward the center objective. The wolf guard held the 4pt objective, but Ulrik and the Rune Priests from that squad detached and headed toward the fray.

Fire from the Long Fangs and psychic attacks wounded some of the mutilators. Psychic attacks from other priests further thinned out the storm troopers. The troopers broke and fled away from the tower, which was inconvenient as the Wolves warlord was planning to go after them.
One of the Rune Priests assaulted the tanks and landed a glancing hit.

The two Lone Wolves who had arrived from Deep Strike near the Land Raider, seeing Typhus's squad closing on their Warlord, charged into assault with the Chaos Lord and his mutilators. The Thunderhammer/Stormshield lone wolf accepted Typhus' challenge and fought him to a draw. The chainfist lone wolf engaged the mutilators and finished off the two wounded ones before being slain. The combat continued...

While we were moving around some of the models, the tower fell over and landed on the remaining Grey Hunters, blasting several limbs of fof one of them. The remaining Hunters took this as an ill omen.

Chaos Turn 4 (17:22)
The zombies held two objectives. The storm troopers failed to regroup and kept running. The tanks fired on Murderfang, causing 2 hull points of damage and stunning him. The land raider destroyed the other dreadnought.
Typhus and the remaining mutilator finished off the Lone Wolf and consolidated toward the wolves' Warlord.

Wolves Turn 4 (17:34)
The Grey Hunters advanced toward the tower (and Typhus), and the remaining Lone Wolf finally closed with the zombies on the center objective.
A Rune Priest attempted to target Typhus with Jaws, but took a wound from perils and then Typhus denied it. Other psychic attacks all failed. The long fangs picked off the remaining Mutilator from across the board. Missiles from pods thinned out the zombies on the center objective a bit. Fire from the Grey Hunters killed a storm trooper.
A Rune Priest charged in and slew the remaining storm troopers in melee. The other priests charged the tanks but failed to do any damage. Murderfang stood around being stunned.
The Lone Wolf charged the zombies, killing a few and pulling them off the objective as they Piled In.

Chaos Turn 5 (17:55)
Tank fire killed a rune priest. The land raider targeted the Fast Attack pod, but only glanced it. Typhus charged the grey hunters who were about to start climbing the tower, and killed most of them. One ran away. Typhus consolidated in the direction of starting to climb the tower toward the 3pt objective.
The Lone Wolf slew two more zombies, but took a wound.

Wolves Turn 5 (18:15)
The priests closed on the center objective.
Murderfang and Ulrik charged in and destroyed both of the tanks, then consolidated toward the center objective (and the zombies).
The lone wolf slew another zombie but was then brought down. The zombies only consolidated 1" and could not quite reach the objective.

At this point, we rolled and the game would continue...but Chaos conceded.
Wolves had the 4pt objective (wolf guard), a 1pt (drop pod), a 2pt (long fangs), the 3pt in the center, first blood, and linebreaker. Chaos had a 2pt objective (zombies), and could probably take the 3pt away from the wolves (with Objective Secured zombies)...but with 4 HQs and murderfang there, the wolves might be able to get it back. Typhus would probably be able to climb the tower to get the 3pt. That would have all came out to either 12-5 or 9-8.

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Volkov, 4/4/16 20:06

I got pretty lucky with basilisks scattering, my reserves all coming in without significant scatter, etc. And of course, it being the first appearance of drop pods, I had a sort of element of surprise that works best the first time. But, I think I learned a few things:

- Previously, I had trouble deep striking Lone Wolves (or anything, really) in because they would just get shot before they got to assault. This time, it was not a problem. I think the difference is that I deep struck 6 things in at the same time (or a total of 9 things over 2 consecutive turns), instead of 1 or 2 things. There is just way too much going on for the opponent to kill them all. I liked the psychological impact of that.

- Previously, I also had trouble keeping the Long Fangs alive. This time they didn't get hit, and I think they only shot shot at once. They got lucky with the basilisks turn 1 volley missing, but I think they also benefited from all of the deep strikers distracting the opponent.

- The Long Fangs also seemed to scare the tanks into hiding behind those central ruins all game, which was interesting. It was a good place for the tanks to be anyway, so maybe it didn't matter. But they sure didn't want to come out of there. (I think this also helped keep the LFs alive since the tanks didn't want to get LoS on them on turn 1.)

- The Deathwind Missiles on the drop pods did some damage, but they had a larger psychological impact (much like the whirlwinds). So, that was interesting.

- The Tempestas Rune Priests...I don't know if I would do that again. It was fun to have 8 psyker dice, and they accomplished a little, but they failed an awful lot of powers and I'm not sure they were worth the points. They did have noticeably more "shooting", which gave me some options (I think they let me target more units, like using lightning from one priest to finish off that last guardsman instead of having to spend a whole unit's shooting on it). It was nice to have so many psychic dice for defense.
Mostly, it was terribly confusing to keep track of who had which powers. Maybe it would be easier too keep track if I did something like "sword guys are biomancy and axe guys are tempestas".
Ed suggested taking them with fewer options to make them cheaper, which might have been a good idea -- hardly anything except the primaris had any effect anyway. I liked having the 2+, though.

- Wolves Unleashed detachment... getting that free reserve success was nice, giving up objective secured was bad (that would have been a real problem with those zombies). But I liked having 5 HQs.

- Plasma Guns... I had a much easier time with the plague marines than previously. I think it was related to the fact that I brought 8 plasma weapons and Murderfang. Ulrik had a lot of opportunities to save guys from gets-hot.

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2016-04-02, 2000pts, Space Wolves vs allied Chaos Marines & Traitor Guard - comments