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Volkov, 10/31/15 16:28
2015-10-17, 1875pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines

A 1875pt battle between Space Wolves and (Nurgle) Chaos Space Marines. The mission was The Emperor's Will.

The Space Wolves force included 3 squads of grey hunters mounted in rhinos, 2 squads of long fangs, a whirlwind, a wolf-mounted lord and his leutennant each accompanied by a small squad of skyclaws, and three lone wolves.
The wolf lord had Conquerer of Cities.

The Chaos force was made up of two squads of plague marines, a large squad of bikes and a bike lord, obliterators, a tech marine, a forgefiend, and a maulerfiend. The bike lord rolled Strategic Genius, which didn't have any effect on the game.

Deployment (13:00)
Wolves deployed first, with the Long Fangs securing the building with the Wolves' objective in it. The whrilwind was hiding back behind that building as well. Two of the Lone Wolves deployed into this building to protect the heavy support, while the third prepared to deep strike.

the rest of the force prepared to assault the Chaos objective.

The chaos force deployed into the vicinity of their objective. One squald of plague marines and the techpriest were mounted in the land raider. The Warpsmith cursed the ruins that the Long Fangs were occupying, negating the stealth granted to them by their Warlord.

Wolves Turn 1 (14:00)
The wolves advanced, using the rhinos for cover. Lascannon fire from the Long Fangs took out an obliterator, and plasma gun fire from mounted Grey Hunters took a wound off another.

Chaos Turn 1 (14:30)
Chaos advanced. The Land Raider stunned a rhino and removed 2 HP. The forgefiend took 2 HP off another rhino and destroyed the storm bolter. The Oblits destroyed the stunned rhino for first blood. The bikes firde on the other damaged rhino but missed. The Burning Brand from the Chaos Lord killed three freshly-disembarked grey hunters and set their souls ablaze. Plague marines missed a rhino.

The bike squad failed a 5" charge against the damaged rhino.
The Maulerfiend charged the undamaged rhino, removing 2 HP and stunning it.

Soul blaze killed another hunter.
One set of GHs is firing snap shots from their rhino being stunned, the other passed morale.

Wolves Turn 2 (15:03)
The third lone wolf arrived from deep strike, aiming to arrive within melta range of the maulerfiend but scattering behind the plague marines' building. Plasma cannons kill a biker, but one of them scatters into the wolf lord, taking a wound off of him as well. Lascannon fire took a HP off of the maulerfiend and shook it. Whirlwind fired into the enemy ruins, but failed to accomplish anything. Small arms fire took out another bike or two.
WGBL charged the bikes, but the Lord failed his charge. The Battle Leader and Chaos Lord engaed in single combat, with the Chaos Lord taking the worse of it (the BL's storm shield protected him from the chaos lord's power fist). The rest of the melee saw two skyclaws and one bike downed. Chaos passed morale.

Chaos turn 2 (15:44)
The Maulerfiend moved to join the melee. The land raider destroyed a rhino, and the Obliterators fired plasma cannons into the disembarked hunters, killing 5. The Forgefiend killed several more grey hunters.
The Plague Marines descended to deal with the Lone Wolf, and put him down.
The maulerfiend moved into base contact with the Battle Leader, reducing his number of attacks. He took a wound and lost two more skyclaws, but passed morale.

Wolves turn 3 (16:05)
Lascannon fire took out another obliterator. Whirlwind failed to harm the plague marines. The last functioning rhino advanced on the enemy objective. The Wolf Lord and the remaining disembarked Hunters charged into the melee. The WGBL finished off the chaos lord. Lost another skyclaw. The Maulerfiend killed a hunter and ID'd the WGBL. WL killed 3 bikers.

Chaos turn 3 (16:26)
The obliterators destroyed the remaining rhino. The hunters disembarked behind it for cover. Forgefiend, plague marines, and land raider fire on them but their cover largely protects them.

Wolves turn 4 (16:44)
The lascannon fangs killed the last obliterator. The melee continued -- the wolf lord survived the maulerfiend's attack and then immobilized it.

Chaos turn 4 (16:57)
Land Raider wiped out the remaining Grey Hunters.

Turn 5 (17:06)
Lascannon fire kills a plague marine. Plague Marines then consolidate on their objective (to get out of LoS of the fangs. The melee continued. The Land Raider destroyed the Whirlwind.

Game ended on turn 5. Each side held an objective, but Chaos had First Blood, for a 4-3 chaos victory.

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Volkov, 10/31/15 16:29

This might be the first game where we remembered Soul Blaze.

Big SW mistake #1: deploying all of those guys into my backfield building, where they were essentially out of the fight for the entire game because nobody came within range of them. It was OK to put the lascannon guys and the whirlwind back there, but I should have put the plasma guys and Lone Wolves further up, positioned to get into the ruins in the center of the map.
I guess I had managed to convince myself that Mark would make a balls-out charge accross the map toward my objective, as that is sort of his thing. I guess the switch from Khorne to Nurgle caught me out!

Big SW mistake #2: targeting the Obliterators instead of the Maulerfiend on turn 1. The maulerfiend is great -- pretty cheap, fast, and good in combat if it can get there. He Instant-Death'd my T5 battle leader. It was great to see it in action, actually. But next time, I gotta make sure he doesn't get into melee.

If I targetted him right off, I might have even gotten first blood out of it. Which brings me to...

SW mistake #3: Rhinos in The Emperor's Will. Mark commented on this, and I disagreed...but he was right. He certainly won on the tiebreaker, which he got by killing a rhino in T1. I guess I just like rhinos, and will probably bring them anyway. But in this scenario, I agree now that it's a bad idea.

Perhaps another mistake: charging the bikes. I could have moved more directly toward his objective instead? I thought the wolf-mounted charatcers would make short work of the bikes, but the fight lasted all game.

Spiegel, 11/2/15 10:30

Did you not get a VP for killing his warlord, or am I reading the battle wrong?

Volkov, 11/2/15 19:21
Re: Score

I think the warpsmith (hiding in his tank) was his warlord.

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John Smith, 11/10/15 18:34
Re: Score

I think the warpsmith (hiding in his tank) was his warlord.

You are correct. Warpsmith was my Warlord.

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