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The Throneless King

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The Throneless King

"The Throneless King", etc. - see below

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Travel, Trickery
Symbol: A crowned eye
Favored Weapon: None

...and when the gods had finished their first feast, they noticed an extra place setting at the head of the table; and though it was clear someone or something had dined there, none among them could remember who or what it might have been.

An enigma even amongst other deities, the being commonly referred to as the Throneless King has no known name; instead, it is referred to only by titles, many of which refer to the deity's habit of being where it isn't wanted or doesn't belong, such as the Uninvited Guest or the Unknown Visitor. While none who have been in the god's presence have a firm memory of it's appearance (if any memory of the event at all!), images of a crown and an eye are the most common impressions left behind.

The followers of the Nameless Eye believe that their god is searching the entirety of the cosmos for something, though they know not what, and that it has been literally everywhere looking for it; many take comfort in knowing that wherever they may tread, their god has come before them. A fine grey or silvery dust, from the ethereal roads the god travels, is said on rare occasion to be left in the wake of it's passing, though normally there is no evidence of the god's presence. The discovery of this dust in the unlikeliest of places - locked or sealed chambers, lake beds, treetops, rabbit's burrows, underneath the chamber pot of a king or the teacups in a spinster's cupboard - attests to the apparent universality of the god's travels.

Clerics and oracles of the god are rare, as only those with no given name receive any sort of divine power from it. These few, even more so than the lay worshipper, seek to acquire titles through their deeds to describe themselves and build their legend, attempting to maintain the delicate balance between widespread notoriety of their achievements and personal obscurity.

The Throneless King's portfolio includes travel, stealth and the discovery of secrets, the enforcement of frivolous oaths, and magic - especially divinatory scryings and conjurings of the calling and teleportation subschools.

Some of his epiteths are listed below.

Travel related. The... Unknown Companion, Eternal Pilgrim, Wayward Traveler, Lost Cartographer, Secret Vagabond.

Stealth/Secrets related. The... Uninvited Guest, Forgotten Trespasser, Unknown Visitor, Unobtrusive Interloper, Overlooked Bystander, Shrouded Spectator, Anonymous Observer.

Oath related. The... Unwelcome Witness, Unnoticed Attestor, Unappointed Arbitrator, Imperceptible Intercessor, Unnamed Enforcer.

Magic related. The... Unseen Eye, Heirarch of the Hidden, Ally of the Unguessable.

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The Throneless King