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The warmth of the Sun and gentle sound of trickling of water gently wake from a deep slumber. Blinking away the sleep from your eyes you find yourself in a small clearing in an unknown woods. Surveying the area you find a well-kept path leading to the north. You feel compelled to take it.

The path slopes upward, until you find yourself at the top of a hill. Sitting in a circle around a small campfire you see yourself... five times over.

As you come closer the Yellow at the head of the circle stands and with a gesture of his hand bids you to join the circle.

"Welcome Yellow, we have been waiting for you."

He is you but much older. He bears a scar across left eye, which looks like it has healed permanently shut. His left hand is made entirely of brass colored clockwork. Closely cropped white hair frames his tanned lined face.

You sit next to the Elder Yellow and view the circle in a clockwise manner. Each of the eight meets your gaze a give a slight nod of acknowledgement. You realize eight get progressively older with you being the youngest.

The Yellow to the left of you wears dark goggles, a scarf, and his skin is curiously purple. Next to him the Yellow wears a top hat wears a monocle, sports a handlebar mustache, and has a cane across his lap. The third wears only a tattered vest and pants. He has a Mohawk, multiple piercings, and is covered in strange tattoos that slither and reshape themselves about his body on their own accord. The last before the Elder Yellow is completed concealed by his vestments except for his glowing yellow eyes.

The Elder Yellow stands to address the circle.

"We are gathered here by the will of The Throneless King. He has bent the Dreaming to his will so we may all converse for this first and last time. We have all witnessed something not meant to be seen, and thus allowed things long undone, to be once again. All of us save the newcomer. Do you understand newcomer?"

You nod in affirmation as the story of Azathonius forms in your mind. The Gods employed the demon Azathonius to undo a rival God by erasing his name from every writing in which it appeared, and cutting the tongues out of his worshippers so they could not speak his name. He simply ceased to be. If his name is spoken, or written however; he would be again.

"The things are for our Lord to know, but not for us. We have set the end of everything in motion. This undoing of reality can be only stopped by the undoing of us five."

Elder Yellow sweepingly motions at himself and your companions. The Yellows, saddened, nod in understanding.

"Newcomer, you will endure, for we have dreamed you into existence. Into you are life forces will flow and we will become one. Our Lord has shown this to be the way. Being born of dream you will never dream again, but you will forever be able to enter the Dreaming physically be it through the doorways or your own magical means. Come now brothers we must hasten, the Undoing is near. The Witness has allowed each of us to tell you two secrets we have learned in our travels to help you survive, unrelated to the Undoing, then our life energies will merge to create you."

One by one the Yellows approach you, grasp your hand, whisper their secrets in you ear, and slowly fade out of existence, as they are absorbed into your being.

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