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2015-08-22, 2000pts, Wolves vs allied Tau & Blood Angels

Volkov, 8/30/15 09:58
2015-08-22, 2000pts, Wolves vs allied Tau & Blood Angels

A 2000 point 7th edition battle between the Space Wolves, and the allied forces of Blood Angels and Tau. The mission was Purge the Alien.

The Space Wolves force was made up of: four squads of grey hunters in rhinos, two whirlwinds, three squads of long fangs bolstered by the high wolf priest (Ulrik), and two thunderwolf-mounted characters (a lord and a battle leader) each accompanied by a small pack of skyclaws.

The enemy force deployed under the command of Farsight, and included two squads of tactical marines (one in a razorback), a squad of death company attached to Astorath, some TDA accompanied by a priest in a stormraven; two small squads of fire warriors, a light pirahna skimmer tank, a large squad of kroot, and (some other guys with plasma rifles).

The wolves deployed first, with Ulrik in position to grant preferred enemy to all three squads of long fangs and one whirlwind. The warlord rolled master of ambush and infiltrated his unit plus three of the rhinos.
The enemy placed the stormeraven and Farsight in reserve, and deployed. The Kroot infiltrated into the center of the board, denying good position to the infiltrating Wolves units, who were able to advance only a bit out of their deployment zone. The wolves formed a sort of wall of rhinos to protect the mounted characters and skyclaws.

Turn 1 (10:40)
The wolves assault units advanced behind the cover of their rhino wall. Combined fire from the advancing grey hunters and some lascannons from the back line destroyed the blood angel razorback, scoring first blood and forcing the marines inside to hoof it. Additional fire from the Long Fangs destroyed the pirahna skimmer, and artillery fire from the whirlwinds thinned the enemy troops somewhat.
The blood angels advanced and the lines of Space Marines met. A wolves rhino was destroyed in assault, and the hunters inside emerged to join the fray.
The tau units advanced to get into firing range, and took some shots through cover, but the marines' power armor largely protected them.

Turn 2 (11:40)
Shooting from the wolves back line thinned the enemy somewhat. The rhino wall parted to allow screaming barbarians to pour through into the enemy. The wolf lord's squad charged the death company, and he fought a duel with Asteroth.

Meanwhile, the Battle Leader's squad charged the kroot, losing a few to overwatch and supporting fire but then sweeping the unit and consolidating toward the plasma rifle guys -- where he was summarily gunned down by tau fire.

Farsight arrived, as did the stormraven. Both targetted the back line of the wolves forces.
Fire from Farsight and his bodyguards and drones destroyed Ulrik and his attached squad of long fangs.
Fire from the stormraven was ineffective, as the attached Wolf Guard Pack Leader shielded his Long Fangs with his tactical dreadnought armor and storm shield.

The wolf lord and Asterath slew one another in their challenge, and the combat continued between their squads. Warlord point to the enemy.

Turn 3 (12:45)
Long Fangs targetted Farsight's squad, killing the bodyguards. Whirlwinds destroyed one of the Fire Warrior squads.
Grey Hunters arrived to reinforce the lone skyclaw fighting the good fight against the lone death company marine.

The stormraven dropped into hover mode and disgorged its deadly cargo of Blood Angel terminators and priest into an assault against the Long Fangs. They slaughtered the Long Fangs, but their pack leader fought on behind his trusty Storm Shield.
Enemy fire destroyed another rhino.

Turn 4 (14:09)
Shooting from a squad of grey hunters finished off Farsight's unit, leaving the enemy warlord alone.
The Pack Leader finally succombed to enemy hammer blows, after making an epic 14 storm shield saves. That guy is totally coming back as a Lone Wolf.
Farsight killed another rhino. I think the storm raven might have destroyed a whirlwind.

Turn 5 (14:50)
(It seems like I forgot to take pictures, when we resumed after lunch).
Fire from Grey Hunters wiped out a squad of fire warriors and a squad of tacticals. A lucky melta shot from another grey hunter instant-death'd farsight for the warlord kill.
The blood angels finished off two combats, killing the last of the Long Fangs and skyclaws.

The game ended in a draw (14 to 14).

2015-08-22, 2000pts, Wolves vs allied Tau & Blood Angels