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2015-08-21, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines - Commentary

Volkov, 8/29/15 22:21
2015-08-21, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines

A 750pt 7th edition battle between the Space Wolves and Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle), in a warp-cursed crypt. The scenario was Crusade, with two objectives.

The Space Wolves fielded a mechanised force comprised of three small squads of grey hunters in razorbacks, two whirlwinds, and a typhoon-pattern Land speeder. The force was lead by Egil Jarnhand, biomancy rune priest, who rode in one of the razorbacks.
The heretic force consisted of four Obliterators and about 45 zombies, lead by the reviled traitor Typhus.

Jarnhand brought hemorrhage (which is truly awful) and Master of Ambush, which he used to infiltrate the razorbacks (with essentially zero effect as the board was full of zombies).
Wolves deployed first, placing a whirlwind in each back corner, with the speeder hiding behind the easternmost one. Chaos lined his deployment zone with zombies and reserved the obliterators. Typhus was attached to the eastern squad. The razorbacks infiltrated after Chaos deployment, staying near the objectives but trying to roll up on one eastern squad to get some shots in on Typhus. Chaos failed to seize.

Turn 1 (18:10)
Razorbacks infiltrated into the mid-field, on the objectives and within weapons range of Typhus' zombies. Grey hunters deployed, and the entire army fired into Typhus' unit, killing a few zombies. I was firing through cover -- probably bad.
The zombie horde advanced slowly, but was out of charge range and had no shooting. Typhus cursed one of the hunters' squads with weapon virus. On account of this I declined to shoot with them in the following turn -- probably a bad call.

Turn 2 (18:45)
The rune priest failed to hurt anyone in the psychic phase, but gained temporary superpowers through the vagaries (so-called perils) of the Warp. Unfortunately he was not in position to take advantage of this. The Wolves continued to fire into Typhus's squad, killing several more zombies and taking a wound off the Traitor himself.
The Obliterators failed to arrive from reserve. Typhus again cursed one of the hunters squads with the weapon virus as well as a plague wind.

Wolves Turn 3 (19:20)
Space wolf shooting and psychic attacks took another wound off of typhus and killed more zombies. Typhus's squad was looking a little thin at this point, and the other squad had taken significant damage as well.

Chaos Turn 3 (19:27)
One squad of Obliterators emerged from the warp near the western whirlwind, but only managed to glance it.
Typhus re-attached himself to the larger squad of zombies, hurled a blight grenade onto one of the squads of Grey Hunters, but they avoided its effects.
The traitor-captain and the remnants of his squad then charged into assault, losing more zombies but destroying the hunters (scoring first blood!) and conslidating in a sort of conga line onto both objectives.

Wolves Turn 4 (20:00)
At this point, I noticed that the objectives and fight were sort of on the left half of the board, but most of my units were on the right half (because that is where Typhus used to be). The squads over there mounted up and drove west, trying to get back into the fight.
Wolves tank-shocked the zombies off of the easternmost objective, and slew a few more in shooting.

Chaos Turn 4 (20:11)
The other squad of obliterators arrived near the eastern objective, but missed a razorback on account of firing through cover. The western oblits destroyed their whirlwind and advanced toward the western objective.
Typhus detached from his squad, leaving them on the western objective, and destroyed a razorback in combat.

Wolves Turn 5 (20:24)
Wolves attempted to shoot the western zombies off the objectives, killing all but one. A portion of the wolves fired ineffectively on the eastern oblits and Typhus, instead of finishing that last zombie off!

Chaos Turn 5 (20:34)
The western oblits advanced to attach Typhus. The obliterators killed a few grey hunters with plasma, then Typhus's squad charged in.
Many hunters were slaughtered, and then the rune priest and survivors fled in disgrace, winding up about an eighth of an inch away from running off the board.

We rolled and the game ended on turn 5!
The single remaining zombie from the western squad held the western objective, for 3 points.
Chaos had scored first blood, and Typhus was in position for linebreaker.
The eastern objective was contested by hunters and zombies (and possibly Oblits).

The game went to Chaos, 5-0!

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Volkov, 8/29/15 22:22

I was firing through cover onto the (FNP) zombies the whole game, and I just couldn't kill them fast enough.

At first I thought it was an error for Mark to reserve his obliterators, since I thought they would show up too late. But he observed that when they did show up, they didn't have to fire through cover and were very effective. It also gave him a better shot at first blood, since the only thing I had to shoot at were giant squads of FNP zombies. I think he made the right call.

Perhaps I should have outflanked my razorbacks? Or just been more aggressive in general? I also sort of got distracted trying to kill models, instead of watching the objectives. I noticed this in turn 4 and began driving over, but I didn't make it into position by the end of turn 5, when the game ended due to variable game length.

Though, to be honest, he really had me on the run by that point -- my warlord had almost run off the board and was no match for Typhus in combat; my vehicles were dropping like flies to heavy fire from the obliterators; etc. I had just about (but, critically, not quite!) chewed through all of the zombies (his ObSec units) by the end of turn 5, but I'm not sure how much longer I would have lasted.

The sole surviving zombie on the western objective was a real kick in the nuts; I should have redirected some fire to make sure I took him out.

In general, this was a great game. Very unexpected direction for Mark to take -- I expected from past experience that if I fought mark he would have about ten models. Instead he had fifty. I was hoping he'd bunch them up, at least in the first turn, so I could make optimal use of my whirlwinds. But no dice -- my enemy canny as a result of many encounters with the mortars of the Imperial Guard, perhaps.

Terminus Est.

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2015-08-21, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines - Commentary