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Histories - Part II

Spiegel, 8/16/15 14:11

Part I: The Saga of Shitmas

In time you too will come to realise as I have - there are lies, there are damned lies and then there's the Alpha Legion. We will likely never know the true location of the world where the events of the Shitmas saga unfolded. There is no record of the engagement in the annals of the Great Crusade and we can only conclude that this was deliberate.

Nevertheless temples and fanes to Fel'yar can be found throughout the Templum subsector, if you know what to look for. The Sleeping King, the Vomiting Maiden, the Crystalline Womb, the Soiled Undergarments, the Burning Foot, the Angry Chair - it is by common repeated themes such as these that the mark of Fel'yar is known. The foul touch of the daemon is deep and widespread in this region of space and yet, were it not for the skalds of the Vylka Fenryka, we might have misinterpreted all the numerous signs of the daemon's malign influence as simple architectural curiosities and all knowledge of the Ark would have been lost in time, like tears in rain.

But as you know, nothing can ever truly be erased from history, not completely. We know the Ark exists - the Vylka Fenryka take their oral traditions very seriously. But like most of their sagas the focus of the Shitmasian arc is on the heroic deeds of the Wolf King and his warriors - the Wolves were singularly disinterested in the study of arcane artifacts or the preservation of knowledge of the occult and the Ark is only mentioned as a peculiarity, a curious bit of 'maleficarum' notable only for the fact that it could not be destroyed (and they apparently did try quite hard to do just that). In the end the Wolves finally gave up and did what any good dog would do - they buried it. And called for their master...

- Inquisitor Dangalf D'Gre, Ordo Malleus

Spiegel, 8/16/15 14:12
Part II

The galaxy is changed.

I can feel it in the worlds.

I can feel it in the stars.

I can smell it in the Warp.

Much that once was is lost. For none meow live who remember...

- The Sigmarillion, Gavera Kririnja Baht'el

Histories - Part II