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2015-04-30, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Grey Knights - Commentary

Volkov, 5/1/15 22:45
2015-04-30, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Grey Knights

A 7th edition 750pt battle between space wolves and grey knights.

The space wolves force was made up of a wolf guard battle leader on a thunderwolf (Malmr Hjalmstallr, "legendary fighter"), a pack of skyclaws with flamers, a squad of grey hunters with 2 meltas in a rhino, a smaller squad of 8 grey hunters with a flamer in a rhino, and a squad of long fangs with lascannons. The grey knights force was a L3 librarian (night attacker), 6 terminators, 5 interceptors (like assault marines), and a dreadknight.

We decided to just do a "kill points" game. Night fighting was in effect on turn 1. Wolves were forced to deploy first. I put the long fangs into the ruins, and the other squads on either side of the table behind cover. The knights deployed into the ruins. With night fighting, everybody had pretty great cover. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I had him go first. (I think I was thinking that he would move out of cover and I would get to shoot, but I don't think that's how it works.)

Turn 1 (18:50)
The dreadknight and the interceptors advanced into the bid-board cover. They cast sanctuary on the knight (giving it a 4++). Then the terminators used gate of infinity to warp over almost on top of my warlord's squad. They scattered a bit but still landed close.
The librarian fired a cleansing flame into the skyclaws squad, killing one. (We then forgot about the soul blaze -- sorry.) The dreadknight fired his heavy psycannon at the Long Fangs, but it scattered off into the field. The terminators shot at the skyclaws with storm bolters and took out another one. The battle leader rallied them and the squad did not break.

The rhinos advanced toward the Dreadknight, firing meltas at him. But actually, he's not a vehicle. They connected once, but the shot was deflected by his protective ward. Apparently the dreadknight is woundable (on a 6) by bolter fire, so the rhinos took potshots at him with their storm bolters but did not cause any damage. The long fangs, seeing the ineffectiveness of this fire, targeted the terminators over near their warlord and took one out.
The skyclaws and battle leader fired ineffectually on the terminators, then charged. The knights overwatch missed. The Hjalmstallr, renowned (apparently) for his prowess in single combat, issued a challenge which was accepted by the paladins' Justicar (rather than the cowardly Librarian). As the combatants in the duel sized one another up without managing to land any blows, the knights shredded the remaining skyclaws. Hjalmstallr, furious, and passed his morale test and took them all on.

Turn 2 (19:25)
The sun rose on a grim scene, with the mighty Hjalmstallr alone and surrounded by enemies clad in tactical dreadnought armour.
It immediately became grimmer, as the interceptors and the enormous Dreadknight shunted through the warp and emerged almost on top of the long fangs. The Knight's sanctuary was this time denied (apparently by an ornery Long Fang, as there were no psykers in evidence). The knights unloaded incinerator flamer weapons and psycannons, slaying three of the fangs. The old codgers held their ground.
Apparently seeing better in the light of the day, the Wolf Guard finished the Justicar (gaining a VP from his warlord trait) and spun on another of his fellows, slaying him as well. One of the knights landed a wound on him, but it was not fatal. A hammer blow glanced off of his storm shield.

Perhaps inspired by Hjalmstallr's display of valor, the grey hunters jumped from their transports to come to the aid of the Long Fangs. The remaining fangs fired on the dreadknight, wounding it. The first squad of grey hunters opened fire on it as well, and brought it down with two solid melta hits and a barrage of bolter fire. (We thought this was first blood, but weren't sure because the skyclaws -- but not their attached IC -- had been wiped out earlier. Who knows.)
Suddenly, the tactical situation looked quite different. The other squad of hunters sprayed the interceptors with bolter and flamer fire, bringing down two. Meanwhile, the dice-adjusting hand of Russ was certainly with the Wolf Guard, as the Librarian (warlord) and one other terminator fell to his AP3 wolf claw with an amazing run of failed 2+ saves.

Turn 3 (19:55)
The interceptors dropped down from the ruins and fired on the grey hunters, killing one. They charged and slew another, then lost two to the Wolves' counterassault. The hunters attempted to break off combat, but the interceptors caught them and they resumed the fight.
Hjalmstallr's combat continued without any discernible effect.

The second squad of hunters attempted to run around the ruins to engage the lone interceptor, but failed their charge. The long fangs, not wanting to risk firing into the melee, opted to reposition and wait for their moment. Hjalmstallr finished off the last of the paladins (this time with an equally amazing series of rending boxcars -- for Russ!).
The interceptor slew another hunter with his hammer.

Turn 4 (20:12)
The remaining interceptor made his last stand, again surviving all the hunters could throw at him and then slaying another of them with his hammer. The hunters again attempted to break off combat, and this time succeeded.

The long fangs saw that they finally had a shot, and took the last Knight out.

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Volkov, 5/1/15 22:55

I think it comes down to: rolling 4 or 5 1s in a row has a big impact, when you only have 10 guys out there.
The other thing that I think is relevant is that you can't assault after shunting, so you always have to stand there getting shot for a turn. That is often the downfall of my deep strike guy(s) as well. I'm not really sure how you are supposed to do that. Jump in and then tun into cover? I'm not sure it would help.

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2015-04-30, 750pts, Space Wolves vs Grey Knights - Commentary