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2015-04-18, 2000pts, Allied Space Wolves & Imperial Guard vs Necrons - Commentary

Volkov, 4/25/15 18:33
2015-04-18, 2000pts, Allied Space Wolves & Imperial Guard vs Necrons

A 2000 point, 7E encounter between the allied Imperial forces of the Space Wolves and the Imperial Guard, and the Necrons.

The Imperial forces consisted of, for the wolves: a battle leader on a thunderwolf, a rune priest, a squad of blood claws with a flamer in a rhino, a squad of grey hunters with meltas in a rhino, two squads of skyclaws with flamers, a TDA lone wolf in reserve, and a squad of lascannon long fangs. The rune priest had the divination powers precognition and prescience. And for the Guard: a command squad with the warlord and a master of ordinance; vets with flamers; vets with snipers, heavy bolter, lascannon; another command squad; a platoon of normal guys; and 2 basilisks. The warlord had "voice of command" (2 orders per turn).

The Necron force included a doomsday ark, a ghost ark, two groups of warriors, one squad of immortals, two annihilation barges, one triarch walker vehicle thing, a group of scarabs, a group of wraiths accompanied by a spider and a diviner, a squad of tomb blade jetbikes, and some praetorian jump infantry in reserve.

The mission was "Eternal War: Crusade".

The Necrons deployed first, and the imperials failed to seize the initiative. Note how I had placed the wolf rider directly across from the doomsday ark so that he could shield his unit with his storm shield, and charge over toward the ark? That turned out to not be such a great idea.

Turn 1 (16:50)
The Necron jetbikes, wraiths, and vehicles advanced. The Ghost Ark sort of sat in the back and did not do much. The warriors and immortals stayed in the cover of the ruins, sighting in on the midfield objective. One of the vehicles (annihilation barge?) took a hull point off of an imperial rhino with Gauss fire.

The Doomsday ark took its shot on the wolf rider and his unit of skyclaws, vaporizing them and gaining first blood! (At least he wasn't the warlord.)

The imperials advanced, with the rhinos trying to make it around the rubble in the center. The guardsmen moved up to fire on the scarabs. The rune priest granted prescience to the long fangs, who glanced two hull points off of the doomsday ark but failed to penetrate its shield. The master of ordinance called artillery fire into the Necron deployment zone, killing five warriors (three others reanimated).

The imperials destroyed several of the scarabs with lasgun fire, melta fire from the rhino hatch, basilisk bombardment, and fire from the lascannon/heavy-bolter vet squad.

Turn 2 (17:55)
The Necron reserve did not arrive (this may have been an error, as we forgot that he had some kind of reserve-roll-adjusting warlord trait). The advancing stuff continued to advance, and took a hull point off of the blue rhino. The tomb blades fired on the long fangs, taking one out. The spyder shot a blast at the long fangs, killing two.

The doom ark fired but scattered into some guard, killing only one. The immortals and warriors fired on guard and the grey rhino from their ruins, killing a few and scoring one hull point. The scarabs charged the blue rhino and wrecked it, forcing the grey hunters out.
The wraiths advanced on the other rhino, but fired instead of assaulting.

The Lone Wolf arrived from reserve. He attempted to deep strike onto the Necron warlord, but he scattered into this amazing position between the two Arks. The imperial forces advanced a bit, attacking the vehicles and scarabs in the center. The rune priest granted prescience to the long fangs (at the cost of a wound from Perils), but they still failed to penetrate the doom ark's quantum shielding.

The ordinance guy and the basilisks destroyed one of the triarch vehicles, some immortals, and took a wound off of a couple of HQ-looking guys. A basilisk missed the HQ guy with its HK missile. The hunters destroyed the walker vehicle with their meltaguns. The claws fired from the rhino but failed to wound the wraiths. Some guard also failed to wound the wraiths, but the lascannon guard squad took a wound off of one of them. The lone wolf ran toward the enemy warlord.

Turn 3 (19:45)
The necron praetorian jump pack guys arrived in deepstrike (hoping to attack the basilisks), but scattered and suffered a mishap and were misplaced (by the Guard player) into this awkward spot between the two Arks in the Necron DZ.
The overlord, ghost ark, and backfield squad of warriors managed to bring the lone wolf down through massed fire. One of the necron characters fired a "tachyon arrow" at one of the basilisks, but it made its cover save (camo netting saved the day).

The necrons in the center advanced. The wraiths fired on the guard and killed a few. The spyder fired on the rhino but failed to penetrate its armor. The Tomb Blades (jetbikes) got around the ruins into our DZ, and took shots at the basilisks but failed to do any damage. The doom ark fired on the grey hunters, killing half of them (but they passed their morale test), and then it regained a hull point from living metal.

The skyclaws moved to intercept the tomb blades with flamers and assault, to keep them off the basilisks (but never managed to destroy them on account of one of them who kept reanimating). Most of the guard shot at the wraiths, but they were incredibly tough and kept reanimating.
About this time we realized that the spyder (beetle-looking thing) and the diviner (one of the HQ-looking guys) were providing substantial auras to the wraiths, and the blood claws disembarked to go after them, but largely failed to make it through the difficult terrain.

The master of ordinance fired at the doom ark and took a hull point off.
The basilisks laid down a brutally accurate barrage that destroyed most of the misplaced jump infantry and the doom ark, and took two hull points off of the ghost ark. It also killed another HQ guy (Vargard?) but he reanimated.
The remaining grey hunters charged one of the annihilation barges and took a hull point off of it with krak grenades.

Turn 4 (21:15)
The Ghost Ark lifted over the ruins into the center area and (along with the warriors from the ruins) fired at the remaining rhino, but it was undamaged. The remaining praetorian jump infantry advanced. The barge and wraiths fired on the guardsmen, killing a few. The spyder fired on the long fangs but missed. Immortals in the ruins destroyed the unit of grey hunters with gauss fire. The skyclaw/tomb-blade assault continued without any (unreanimated) casualties.

A unit of guard who had broken under fire regrouped. The remaining rhino attempted to tank shock its way through the wraiths, but one of the wraiths destroyed it. Most of the guard fired on the wraiths, and actually managed to permanently take down two of them. The basilisks forgot to fire!
A squad of guardsmen charged an annihilation barge and destroyed it in close combat with krak grenades. The blood claws charged the spyder and diviner, wounding them slightly but taking some wounds in turn.

Turn 5 (22:55)
The ghost ark shot at the fangs, killing one. Wraiths and warriors shot at some guard, killing a few. The praetorians ran to an objective. The assaults continued, with the blood claws taking the worse of it and the tomb blade again reanimating against the skyclaws.

The forward guard units were ordered to fire-then-run, and made a break for objectives. A squad took the hill in the center after shooting a necron off of it. He had planned to blast the immortals off of an objective with the basilisks and then take it with the other forward squad, but we forgot about the basilisks last turn and this turn they scattered into some infantry (taking out a couple from each side!).
The blood claws ignominiously fled from the assault with the spyder.

And the game ended at the end of turn 5.
The final score was 7-6 necrons -- we had two objectives each, and he had a point for first blood (due to my dumb deployment). The guard were fairly close to contesting the objective that the Immortals held, but not close enough.

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Volkov, 4/25/15 18:48

I think this game was lost largely due to me being bad. I gave up a potent melee unit, as well as the tie-breaking first blood, through dumb deployment. I clogged up the channel with rhino wrecks, and then couldn't get guys through there. I kept the blood claws in their rhino for far too long, then kept running to fight the necrons instead of trying to get the objectives. I think the guard guy played well but not well enough to make up for me. The Necron guy was very new and did a few questionable things (wraiths shooting instead of assaulting, ghost ark joining late) -- but he didn't do as many dumb things as I did. And had a much better-looking army!

The decurion necrons are really incredibly tough! I think that next time, we could target the units providing the reanimation buffs (overlord, diviner and spyder?) more aggressively. The necrons seem to be weak at very long range, so I might try bringing more long fangs.

The skyclaws were decent, for their cost. But I don't think I will be likely to use blood claws again -- or at least not in a rhino.

Anyway, it was a fun game.

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2015-04-18, 2000pts, Allied Space Wolves & Imperial Guard vs Necrons - Commentary