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2015-04-18, 970pts, Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard - Commentary

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2015-04-18, 970pts, Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard

This was a quick 970ish point 7E game that we played while we were waiting for the Necrons to arrive. We played on a smallish table, which i think benefitted the assault guy (me).

The Wolves had: a battle leader on a thunderolf, a rune priest, a squad of blood claws with a flamer in a rhino, a squad of grey hunters with meltas in a rhino, a squad of skyclaws with flamers, a lone wolf, and a squad of lascannon long fangs. The rune priest had the divination powers misfortune and prescience; the battle leader was the warlord with "immovable object".

The Guard had: a command squad with the warlord and a master of ordinance; vets with flamers; vets with snipers, heavy bolter, lascannon; another command squad; 2 platoons of normal guys; and 2 basilisks. The warlord had "voice of command" (2 orders per turn).

Depending on who you ask, these were either the remnants of a Guard taskforce who had recently completed a grueling campaign against the archenemy on a chaos-infested planet and were awaiting triumphant extraction, or a corrupted brigade of the lost and the damned in need of purge. I suppose it's all the same in the end.

We rolled "the scouring" as the mission. The wolves deployed first with the lone wolf in reserve, and the guard failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1 (13:30)
The wolves went first, and advanced with everything (except the long fangs), deploying men out of the rhinos into pretty close range on turn one. (I think that the small table had something to do with it.) The rhinos sat on two midfield objectives. The wolf guard battle leader and skyclaws advanced behind the rhinos.

The Rune Priest failed to manifest Prescience, but this didn't faze the Long Fangs. They fired their lascannons on the basilisk squadron, and scored two penetrating hits, and then further rolled boxcars for two Explodes! results (I think we forgot to give them cover saves -- oops, sorry Ed) -- immediately destroying both vehicles in the opening salvo! Several traitorous guardsmen (in the lascannon squad) were killed in the explosion; the unit broke but didn't quite make it to the table edge.
Bolter fire from the rhinos and marines took out a goodly additional number of guardsmen, but not enough to chase them off.

The exploded guard failed to regroup, and fled off the side of the board. The flamer squad advanced, was given the "pinning" order and fired on the blood claws killing a few and causing them to fall back. The rest of the guard advanced while rapidfiring (and first-rank-second-rank firing) their lasguns, downing two grey hunters. The master of ordinance called in some artillery aimed at the wolf warlord, but it scattered and took out one skyclaw and glanced a rhino.
Score: Wolves 5+1(first blood); Guard 2.

Turn 2 (14:10)
The Lone Wolf teleported in on target, near one of the command squads. The blood claws regrouped and advanced toward the guard again. The skyclaws, warlord, and grey hunters advanced, firing pistols and flamers. The long fangs (with prescience) managed to take out a single guarsman through cover.

The wolf guard battle leader and the marines charged into the guard ranks, eliminating all but the command squads in a sweeping advance. The battle leader made the questionable decision to charge first, alone, and eat 38 rapidfired overwatch shots, which wounded him but not mortally. He later partially recovered (from IWND from warlord trait). The wolves got another few VPs from the rhinos holding objectives.

The guard moved to attack the warlord. The master of ordinance was ordered to split fire and target the skyclaws, but the artillery again scattered into the grey hunters and the master's own command squad, killing a lot of guys on both sides. The guard shot at the WGBL but failed to penetrate the protective runes on his armor.

Mercifully (sort of), the Necrons arrived at this point and we put this game away. I think there were 9 guardsmen still up.

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2015-04-18, 970pts, Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard - Commentary