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Moira Aftermath

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Moira Aftermath

Part I: The Druid of Turano

After a search of Moira's building which turns up several bundles of parchment and tomes of possible value, the party heads back to their inn with Smith's corpse. From Smith's own explanations of his mystic powers and beliefs, Cook believes there is a chance that he can be brought back to life by the Druids - if his body is taken to them in time. While the Asterman begins exploring the logistics of transporting Smith to a Druidic holy site in the shortest time possible, a man arrives at the inn asking after the dead companion.
The man, a normal human (which seems somewhat uncommon here in Turano) by the name of Pietro, is an acolyte in service to Roberti Grivano, Druid to Kings. His mission was to relay a message to Smith; upon hearing of his fate at the hands of Moira and of her services in Druidic translation, he asks the party to accompany him to his master Roberti in the "Dragon Quarter' with Smith's body. The possibility of having Smith tended to immediately within the city is too good an opportunity to pass on, and the party does as asked.

Pietro leads them up the hill to the city's center, where a small park flourishes behind wrought iron fencing. Inside, flagged paths wend their way around well-maintained gardens filled with a variety of vegetation, some refreshingly beautiful and others strangely unsettling. The party is led seemingly to the park's center, where a thorny hedge sporting delicate blue flowers parts at the acolyte's command to allow them all through.

Inside is a dim inner grove filled with graceful trees which stretch away into shadows, their lower branches shrouded in lattices of delicate webs. The only light comes from the ground, where lanterns filled with fireflies provide a pleasant, if low, light. Pietro leads them deeper into the grove to a strange gnarled, black tree whose broad trunk rests upon a tangle of roots. There they see a man as improbably tall and slender as the trees which fill this place, dressed in colorful vestments of the finest silks - the Druid Roberti Grivano.

Introductions are made and explanations given. Roberti has been contacted by the Southwatch Druid Martin Adler in regards to the missing Infernalists; Martin had identified the agent who carried the copies of the Druidic tablets to Turano, as well as his description, and had requested that Roberti contact Smith with the information and attempt to capture the man. Unfortunately, before he could find Smith and the party within Turano, his own attempt to capture the man failed, who has fled from the city.
After a brief examination of Smith's burned body, Roberti states that he can, in fact, beseech Terra to bring Smith "back to life" through reincarnation. He explains that all living things are a part of Terra, and she is aware of all of them, and when properly requested, she can create a new body to house the mind and soul of the recently deceased. To the demi-goddess, however, no single creature is worth her full attention, and so reincarnated creatures are never exactly the same as they were in life: the new body she creates for them is only rarely of the same race as the original, and never the same in appearance, they will have gaps in their memory where their minds have already returned into Terra's consciousness, and they will have a weakened soul until it has time to recover. "Sadly, the Smith she returns to us will not quite be the one that left us."

That said, he places Smith's body amidst the roots of the strange black tree in the center of this inner grove, anointing it with oils while murmuring incantations. When complete, Smith's body suddenly begins to rot, rapidly leaving his clothes and mask full of nothing but a soggy mass of putrid flesh. It seems that some kind of movement is taking place somewhere in the center of the remains.

"It will take an hour for his new body to grow from the old; in the meantime, follow me and I will tell you what I know of this Infernalist and where you may find him."

Part II - The Devil's Courier

The Druid and his acolyte lead the party to a small clearing, where a simple table and several stools are arranged.

"The Infernal agent who escaped you in Southwatch is a man called Interloper Maedu, and we have come to believe that he has been working in the Eastern Monarchies for several years under a variety of aliases. Here in Turano he was known as Fino Raelus, an explorer and mercenary-for-hire, and had several times been in the employ of the Tyrant himself. When we moved to capture him yesterday he proved too shrewd and fast for us, leaping from a fifth floor window only to hit the ground running. He would appear to have some sorcerous talents, though he is known in Turano for his skills at stealth and survival.

"We believe he has fled into the ruins of Stonefane, where he earned his local reputation. On several occasions he has entered the ruins with the Tyrant's sanction to explore and retrieve artifacts; in fact, he proved himself to be one of the most reliable men employed in this task, as many fail to come back from those depths at all. We believe that he either intends to hide within the ruins or knows of an alternate exit from them of which we are ignorant. Now that we know he is an agent of the Hegemony, it seems doubtful that the maps and artifacts that he has provided us are a complete accounting of his experiences there.

"Needless to say, the Tyrant is displeased by these recent revelations. He has authorized me to permit you within Stonefane for the purpose of hunting down this Maedu and bringing him back, dead or alive. To set foot within Stonefane is always a dangerous task, as the dwarven city is filled with unknown dangers from Ages past; I doubt the fact that your quarry is one of the most knowledgeable men alive regarding its dangers and a Hegemony spy will make it any easier.

"Martin Adler spoke highly of your conduct in routing these Infernalists from their stronghold and bringing Simeon Clay to justice, you all bear the mark of the Grave, and you come to me after defeating a blood hag in her own lair at the side of an Unbroken Seeker - obviously danger is not a new companion for you. Yet I would bid you be cautious within those still darks and hollow halls; something haunts them that has proven beyond the ken of even the mightiest mortals.

"Seeker Smith should almost be renewed; let us return to the Martyr Tree, and once he awakens I shall supply you as I can and take you to the Crack."

Part III - A New Man?

Roberti and Pietro lead the party back to the black "Martyr Tree" where Smith's body had been laid, where they discover him on his feet, back turned to them.

"Well, at least all your clothes seem to fit!" Roberti says with a slow smile. "I'm afraid you recently died, but Terra has returned you to us as best she can. A brief period of confusion is usual in these circumstances, sir, so there is no need for alarm; you are safe here in the Panacean Grove. Tell me, Seeker, do you remember your name?"

After a brief pause, their recently deceased companion turns to face them, mask in hand. Cook and Chocobo instantly recognize the face of the man they knew, restored in every detail. Roberti's eyebrows slowly raise to the top of his high forehead, and he opens his mouth as if to speak before closing it again in bewilderment.

"A good question." Smith gives a pleasant, if dazed, smile. "I remember people call me 'John Smith'."

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Moira Aftermath